May 15, 2006

UN 123




The meeting was called to order by Dr. Jeffrey Yelton, Chair, with the following members present:  Ms. Ruthann Williams, Ms. Joanne Reinke, Ms. Kelly Edmondson, Dr. Dan Schierenbeck, Dr. Qingxiong Ma, Dr. Victoria Jackson, Dr. Peter Viscusi and Ms. Traci Butler, Secretary. 


New committee members present for the transition meeting were as follows:  Dr. Nicholas Baeth, Ms. Rochelle Barabas and Dr. Karen Bradley.


Approval of Minutes

Dr. Yelton asked the committee if there were any questions or comments on the April 27, 2006 minutes.  Ms. Williams made a correction to the first paragraph on the second page, stating it is the IC3 test which will have a dry run in the BE&O 1210 course this summer.  Ms. Edmondson noticed her name was spelled incorrectly in the body of the minutes, where the second ďdĒ was inadvertently omitted.  


Ms. Williams made a motion to approve the April 27, 2006 minutes as amended.  Ms. Reinke seconded the motion and since there were no further corrections or comments, the minutes were approved by acclamation.


New Business

Faculty Senate General Education Committee Policy Manuals were passed on as follows:


Manual From                            Manual To                               

Dr. Yelton, Chairís Manual       Dr. Schierenbeck, Chairís Manual

Dr. Schierenbeck                      Dr. Baeth

Ms. Williams                            Ms. Barabas


Since Dr. Wallace was not present for the meeting, Dr. Bradley will contact Dr. Wallace to receive her manual. 


Dr. Yelton explained that this committee requires a large amount of work, but it is important.  He feels that communication needs to be improved with departments.  Dr. Yelton will email the updated May 2006 matrix of competencies and will send reminder letters for the outstanding IGEN/ICAP courses.  He will also send out his matrix on what course evaluations are still outstanding.


The committee will need to prepare a letter to Division I, Area A and Division II areas requesting new series of evaluations. 


Old Business

Course Reviews

ICAP 4110

Dr. Jackson agreed with what Dr. Ma said last month, that there was no linkage between what they say they are doing and how they are assessing.  They need to be more specific on Evaluation questions 5 and 6.  The reference to graduate students needs to be removed from page 18 of the syllabus.  They claim all Integrative Studies as primary competencies.  It appears as though the verbiage for #3 is listed as the answer on #2.  The response to #2C needs to focus more on those areas to be considered an ICAP.  A better place for managing information as a primary competency would be under the area discussing the portfolio instead of presentation. 


The question was asked why they charge sales tax on course materials?  Course fees have to go through the Provostís office for approval.  It appears as though this is a boiler plate syllabus.  The syllabus mentions quizzes and exams, but they are not scheduled.  There is confusion as to what the ABC key means.  Points do not add up on the grade scale under the self-assessment certification exam.  On page 3 of the syllabus, #5 should be a primary competency and #s 1 and 3 should be secondary.  There are also typos at the bottom of page 3 on the syllabus.


ICAP 4111

Dr. Yelton said there is not a list of Integrative Studies competencies at all, and he will get with Dr. Wallace to discuss it further. 


ICAP 4222

Ms. Edmondson and Dr. Yelton reviewed the course and noted that it was submitted using the old form.  Assessments could not be found on the syllabus for Evaluation question 7, page 2.  Question 4 lists 13 primary competencies and 0 secondary.  Question 6 contains a generic list for each one.  Dr. Jackson suggested they add an addendum to the syllabus in a table format listing the primary competencies, assessments and activities. 


ICAP 4245

Ms. Reinke and Ms. Edmondson noted Question 4 competency areas are not reflected on the syllabus, and there is confusion on questions 5 and 6 as to which areas we want addressed.  It should be both knowledge and skill areas.  Even though they list 11 primary competencies on 5 and 6, they donít mention Social and Behavioral Science assessment under Integrative Studies areas or Math as a Knowledge area.  Integrative Studies competencies are not specified.  Evidence of assessment and competencies are not adequate on the syllabus.  The course objectives, General Education competencies and activities are not matched either. 



Discussion Items

Our next scheduled meeting will be on Wednesday, June 14, 2006 from 11:30 am to 1:30 pm and lunch will be served.  You will be notified of the room location via email. 


The meeting was adjourned.


Respectfully Submitted,

Traci Butler, Secretary