Faculty Senate Meeting Minutes - January

Meeting Minutes for January 2003

Meeting 7 January 15, 2003
Central Missouri State University
Faculty Senate Minutes

The Faculty Senate met at 3:15 p.m. in Union 237 A with President Shellie Myers presiding.

ROLL CALL: Twenty-two senators and three alternates were present (Stark-Wroblewski for Kemp, Wilson for Bryant, and Ewing for Miller). Also present were President Patton and Associate Provost for Academic Programs Elaine Frank-Ragan.

President Patton reported highlights from Governor Holden’s State of the State Address. Patton also reported that Higher Education was spared additional withholdings at this time. Patton applauded the efforts of many people in making this happen including our Board of Governors. Patton stated that the university is going to hold the surcharge monies as well as the 10% non-personnel withholdings until more is known about the state’s budget.
Associate Provost Frank-Ragan shared that Dr. Carter was not able to attend today due to a doctor’s appointment. Dr. Carter welcomes you back and urges us to become activists on higher education. Frank-Ragan reported that Dean candidates for Arts and Science and Applied Science & Technology, would be on campus during the next couple of weeks. There will be an Academic Forum dedicated to issues regarding quality improvement on campus and the Higher Learning Commission, January 22 in Union 240 at 3:30 p.m.

Myers reported she did not have reports from the President’s Cabinet and Academic Council. Myers reported that the Academic Council met yesterday and a sub-group of the Academic Council is investigating the idea of departments advising juniors and seniors. She has requested additional information and is waiting for a reply.

Eason referred to the distributed Council of Deans report. If there are any questions, please contact Eason.

Myers referred to President Patton’s response to the motions 5-10. Myers reported President Patton accepted our approval of the Faculty Compensation Procedure. Myers read the response from President Patton regarding the Implementation Recommendations.
“I appreciate receiving the Faculty Compensation System Implementation Recommendations and intend to follow the suggestions, with one exception: the last sentence in item 1(c). Although I understand the spirit in which this recommendation is offered, I cannot commit to it because of the financial uncertainty of the state budget. As I indicated to the Executive Committee in earlier comments, my commitment is to the salaries of incumbent faculty.”

Myers reported that President Patton accepted the Faculty Senates approval of the Policy Review and Approval Process, Immunization Policy and the Short-Term Illness/Disability Policy. Myers read the response from President Patton regarding the Public Speech Activities Policy.
“I will revisit the matter with the President’s Cabinet before promotion of the policy to the Board of Governors. The Board of Governors, however, may choose to act in spite of the rejection by the Faculty Senate.”
Myers reported that all the policies including the Public Speech Activities Policy were approved at the Board of Governors at its December meeting.

Sarkar reported three items being discussed by the SPRC . 1) The Retrenchment Policy, a sub-committee from the SPRC is looking at some of the concerns of the Retrenchment Policy, 2) The Space Allocation/Utilization Procedures, Carol Nimmer will facilitate a process by the SPRC to review the quality of space being used, 3) The Mission Statement, there was discussion about adding student learning to the mission statement. The SPRC recognizes the need to include student learning in the mission statement.

Myers opened the floor for the FS Representative as Liaison to the Student Government Association nominations. Kemp motioned to caucus, Laster seconded, passed unanimously. Senate members caucused briefly. Nominations were reopened. Kemp moved to nominate Stark-Wroblewski. Stark-Wroblewski was elected with 22 yes votes, 0 no and 2 abstentions.

Myers introduced Dr. Elaine Frank-Ragan to report activities in preparation for the Higher Learning Commission. Frank-Ragan distributed the Higher Learning Commission Statements of Mission, Vision, Core Values, and Strategic Priorities. Frank-Ragan shared that Robert Schwartz and she are serving as co-chairs of the steering committee and have been meeting since the fall of 2001. Frank-Ragan stated the HLC is looking at both the academic and non-academic functions of the institution. A Checklist for Academic Departments document was sent to the Deans and Chairs. The steering committee is currently reading a first draft of components required in the self-study report. The goal is to complete the self-study and distribute it to the HLC by the end of December, 2003. Frank-Ragan stated she would like to update the Senate in regular intervals as needed. Frank-Ragan distributed a GroupWise email from July which outlined the recommendations made by the HLC 10 years ago. Sarkar asked if diversity concerns are still an issue. Frank-Ragan responded that we have made some great strides but still need work in this area. Frank-Ragan, in response to Morgan as to using the new or old criteria, we are required to use the old criteria as it is in forced until May 2004.

Myers introduced the Atkinson & Riley motion.
Faculty Senate approves the Central Missouri State University Mission Statement as revised.
Frank-Ragan reported seven individuals had attended a conference sponsored by the Higher Learning Commission. The HLC urged all universities to add student learning to their mission statement. Myers reported there is a deadline for the revision coming from the SPRC. The SPRC is holding the Strategic Planning and Resource document from the printing presses until this document has been reviewed by the governance groups. The mission statement will go before the Board of Governors February 19. Atkinson volunteered the FS Executive Committee to redraft the mission statement at their next meeting. Myers stated that due to the agenda of the next FSEC meeting, she would not recommend this. Myers suggested that a Senator from each college be assigned to redraft the mission statement. Young moved to motion to delete —, the university seeks excellence while providing education for service. Laster made a friendly amendment to re-insert the language. Eason made a friendly amendment to replace student learning in second line to read student learning and service. Young accepted the friendly amendments. The revised statement was rejected with 3 yes votes, 18 no votes and 2 abstentions. Following discussion by Senators, the Atkinson & Riley Motion to approve the revised Central Missouri State University Mission Statement was tabled. Eason motioned to form a committee of volunteers from the FS to redraft the statement and return to the FS for their action at the February meeting. Motion passed with 23 yes votes, 0 no, and 1 abstention. The committee includes: Senators Davis (L/AE), Callahan (CAST), Young (HCBA), Neal (EHS) and FS VP Eason (A&S).

Myers introduced Leigh Ann Blunt, Chair of the FS Faculty Personnel Policies Committee. Myers referred to the charge to the FS Faculty Personnel Policies Committee that the committee make its recommendation to the Faculty Senate in the form of a motion and that the review should include but is not limited to recommendations for updating language and/or processes, defining key terms, protecting faculty involvement in the review process, and insuring faculty rights. Blunt referred to a printed report distributed at the meeting from the FS Faculty Personnel Policies Committee. Blunt reviewed the process of the changes to the Retrenchment Policy and Procedures document. One of the major concerns was finding the data to support departments. Some data is not available at all. Riley stated she is on the committee and invited any of the Senators to contact her with input and she would report it to the committee. Myers encouraged the Senators to review the Retrenchment document and provide feedback to the committee.

Myers introduced Mike Grelle, Chair of the FS University Assessment Council. Grelle distributed three printed reports of recommendations from the FS University Assessment Council. 1) 15 Hour Set of General Education Courses Required For Eligibility for General Education Assessment, 2) Re-Transfer Students and General Education Assessment, 3) Re-Retakes for College-Base General Education Assessment. Grelle asked the Senators to review these recommendations and give feedback on editorial and content changes. The following questions were expressed: 1) when will the exam be administered? 2) which exam will be selected? 3) what will the minimum score requirement be? 4) if students will be blocked from enrollment, what is being discussed regarding a decrease in credited hours generated? 5) what about revenue reduction for campus when we block enrollment? 6) what about additional costs to students if they have to retake the exam? and 7) any discussion about potential law suits? Myers stated it appears we will be working with several committees through this process. Please keep the questions coming and send them to Senator Raveill (member of FS UAC) or Dr. Grelle.

Myers referred to the Intellectual Property Rights Policy. The document was distributed at the President’s Cabinet and is being reviewed by governance groups. The policy is scheduled to be an action item at the Faculty Senate meeting February 5. The FS Distance Education Committee is charged to review the policy and make their recommendations in the form of a motion. Myers urged the Senators to contact the chair, Matt Thomas, with questions or comments.

The meeting was adjourned at 4:59 p.m.

Chris Hayward
Faculty Senate Office Professional

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