Meeting 10                                                                                                       January 18, 2006


Central Missouri State University

Faculty Senate Minutes



The Faculty Senate met at 3:21 p.m. in Union 237A with President Jack Rogers presiding.


ROLL CALL: In addition to FS President Jack Rogers, the following twenty senators and one alternate were present:  Ament, Bonsall, Geiger, Grigsby, Joy, Katsourides, Kidwaro, Koehn, McKee, Miller, Nickens, Norwood, Riley, Robins, Saran, Staab, Sundberg, Swanson, Williams, Zelazek and Thomas (alternate for Jurkowski).  Absent were Ciafullo, Hynes, Popejoy and Washer.  Also present were CMSU President Aaron Podolefsky,  Provost George Wilson and Parliamentarian Art Rennels.


MINUTES:  The correction of an editorial error on line 7 of page 3 of the minutes was requested by Senator Sundberg.  A motion was then made by Senator Bonsall, seconded by Senator Ament and passed unanimously to approve the corrected minutes of the November 16, 2005 Faculty Senate meeting.




President Podolefsky said that Governor Blunt has recommended a 2% increase to our 2006-2007 budget.  He said that although this is a big improvement from the previously expected possibility of a 10-12% decrease, it is still a percent or two below inflation.  President Podolefsky said that he is cautiously optimistic that the 2% increase will be approved, although this figure is dependent on projected revenues for next year, which are currently being projected at 4.9%.  He stated that when considering the budget, he plans to give priority to salaries and benefits, while keeping in mind that there will be increases to our mandatory costs, and he commented that rising utility rates were a concern.  Additionally, he said that he has been advised that the cost of MOSERS will only increase by 1.9%, rather than the larger increase that was feared.  President Podolefsky also briefly discussed the Central Missouri Development Corporation.  He indicated he was pleased with the ear marked grant requests and said that proposals will be divided into four basic categories when they are discussed with the legislature.  Additionally, he said that an alumni event will be held in Washington, D.C. during his visit and 45 alumni have already registered to attend.   Senator Zelazek asked if administration is considering ways to cut utility costs and said he feels it would be wise to take steps to cut these costs before the situation becomes more drastic.  President Podolefsky responded that various ways to cut utility costs have been discussed.  Senator Zelazek pointed out that often lights in the baseball fields and football stadiums are left on for several hours after an event has concluded and that costs could be cut significantly by making an effort to change wasteful practices such as this.  President Podolefsky said this issue has been and will continue to be studied.


Provost Wilson announced that the President has just approved a modification of the GroupWise policy.  He said the rules remain basically the same, but that prior approval is no longer needed to send messages over GroupWise to GWUSERS.  Senator Geiger asked how information concerning this modification would be distributed and Provost Wilson said that it would be posted on the Information Services website, and that he hopes this will also serve as a reminder to GroupWise users that there may be list serves for specific groups that would be more appropriate for some e-mails than GWUSERS.  Senator Sundberg asked if there is a policy that restricts the use of the faculty list serve and Provost Wilson responded that he was not aware of such a policy.  Senator Zelazek congratulated Russ Helm on the recent installation of improved spam protection software and said he had seen a drastic reduction in the number of junk e-mails that he receives.  He said he was hopeful that steps would be taken to cut down on the number of e-mails sent to GWUSERS regarding items for sale, requests for large envelopes, etc.  Senator Staab asked when the modification of the GroupWise policy would go into effect and Provost Wilson advised that it was effective yesterday.


Vice President Riley announced that the spring meeting of the Missouri Association of Faculty Senates would be February 6 and 7 in Jefferson City, and that February 7 will also be the Higher Education Lobby Day.  She said that she will attend the meeting as CMSU’s voting representative, that Senator Allison Norwood will attend as an alternate, and that Bob Yates, who is a member of the MAFS advisory council, has also expressed interest in attending.  VP Riley said she would also like to have one more CMSU faculty member attend this meeting and encouraged anyone interested to contact her for details. 


FS President Rogers said that a concern was raised at a recent FS Executive Committee meeting about ways that future commencement ceremonies could be made more meaningful for graduates.  He said that faculty have expressed interest in serving on such a committee, but that a chair was still needed for this committee.  He requested that anyone who would be willing to chair this committee contact him as soon as possible.  Senator Koehn asked if the chair could be someone other than a senator and President Rogers said that two persons who were not on the FS have offered to serve on the committee, but that he would prefer that the chair be a senator.  He also said that the SGA has been requested to review this issue and provide their recommendations to the committee.  President Podolefsky suggested that often, small things such as changing the music and the timing of the music could improve the quality of the ceremony.  Senator Staab said that he was involved in a discussion about this topic and that a suggestion had been made that possibly one large ceremony could be held each year, rather than having numerous smaller graduation ceremonies.  He suggested that if one large ceremony was held that a more prominent speaker could be invited and the event could be given more press and made to be a bigger, more meaningful event.  Senator Katsourides said that approximately twenty years ago, there were two ceremonies per year and prominent speakers were invited, but that many felt those ceremonies were too lengthy.  He suggested that perhaps the parents of graduates should be asked for their input on this topic.  After the topic was briefly discussed by various senators, Provost Wilson said that he is not aware of specific complaints about the way that the graduation ceremonies were currently being handled, but that he is certain that there are numerous opinions about changes that could be made.  President Podolefsky said he would like to encourage more faculty participation in the graduation exercises.  Senator Geiger suggested that if a payroll deduction plan could be implemented for the purchase of caps and gowns for faculty that it might be helpful in encouraging better faculty participation in the ceremonies.


FS SPPRC representative Staab announced that the Winter Planning Retreat will be held on February 28 in Union 236 and said that the major purpose of the retreat is to have a broad-based forum to discuss long-term plans for the university that will be part of CMSU’s five-year strategic plan.  In order to help facilitate discussion at the retreat, four subcommittees have been formed.  At the request of Senator Ament, the following is a list of these four subcommittees and their respective members:


Mission/Vision:  Ms. Carole Nimmer, Dr. Bob Adebayo, Dr. George Wilson, Dr. Kyle Palmer, Dr. Virginia Wheeless, and Ms. Joni Hoover. 


Strategic Directions/Goals & Key Performance Indicators:  Dr. Mike Grelle, Dr. Matt Melvin, Dr. Sue Sundberg, Dr. Bob Yates, and Ms. Carole Nimmer.


University Name Change:  Ms. Carole Nimmer and Dr. James B. Staab, co-chairs of the CMSU Name Change Task Force


Budget Priorities:  CMSU’s Executive Council, including/plus SPRC members Dr. George Wilson, Dr. Paul Paige, Dr. Walt Hicklin, Dr. Russ Helm, and Dr. Martha Albin


Senator Staab then briefly discussed ideas that have been developed by each subcommittee to facilitate leading discussions at the winter retreat.  Senator Staab also reported that the following members have been selected to be on the CMSU Name Change Task Force:


Jim Staab (Faculty Senate) & Carole Nimmer (SPRC), Co-Chairs

Bob Ahlering - CEHS

Art Young - HCBA

Leigh Ann Blunt - CAST

Ann Legreid - Chair

Barb Rhodes - Library, AE

Alice Greife - Dean

Claire Gorman - SGA

Rhonda McKee - CAS

Jeffrey Wettstein - Graduate Student

Deborah Turnbow - Professional Staff

Chris Small, Alumni

Vicki Terry Brady, Foundation

Tammy Long, Warrensburg Chamber of Commerce

Jeffrey Morris, University Relations

Matt Melvin, Enrollment Management

Judith Siminoe, Legal Counsel


He said that this task force, which includes faculty, staff, students and community leaders, had met for the first time yesterday, and that they will examine the strengths and weaknesses of a potential name change and how a name change would impact the strategic positioning of the university.  He said that ultimately, the task force will provide a recommendation to the FS, which if approved, would be presented to the president.  He advised that the next meeting of this group is scheduled for February 7.  In response to a question concerning the estimated cost of a name change, Senator Staab said that approximately one to two years ago, the cost of a name change was projected to be around $100,000, but that other estimates suggest that the cost could be $250,000 or more.  President Podolefsky advised that a requirement mandates that the cost of the name change cannot come from institutional funds.  In response to a question from Senator Koehn concerning the charge of this task force, Senator Staab briefly reviewed motion 2005-2006-6 and said that the motion directed the task force “to examine the strengths and weaknesses of  a name change and how such a change would impact the strategic positioning of the university.” He further stated that the motion also directed that this task force should consider the name change authorized by the Missouri General Assembly (i.e., The University of Central Missouri), as well as other appropriate name changes for this institution, and that the findings of this task force should be reported to the Faculty Senate no later than its meeting on March 1, 2006. Senator Ament asked if the issue of changing CMSU’s image was being considered by the task force.  President Podolefsky stated that the task force should consider the question of “who do we want to be in the next twenty years” when discussing whether or not CMSU should change its name and when discussing what name should be selected.  He also said that consideration should be given as to why a name change should be considered and how a name change would affect CMSU’s image.  Senator Robins questioned if CMSU has reserved a domain name and both Provost Wilson and President Podolefsky responded that if it has not already been done, this issue should be addressed.


Senator Geiger advised that the CMSU Disaster Relief Fund to benefit CMSU students impacted by Hurricanes Katrina and Rita was “up and running” and would welcome donations.  Senator Koehn asked if Senator Geiger could supply payroll deduction forms for those who wished to contribute to the fund by having contributions automatically deducted from their paychecks, and Senator Geiger advised that she would provide those forms at the next meeting to anyone who requests them.  Senator Geiger also advised that anyone desiring to make a contribution by writing a check should make their checks payable to the CMSU Disaster Relief Fund and that it should be noted on the check that the contribution was for students impacted by Hurricanes Katrina and Rita.  VP Riley said that all contributions would be greatly appreciated.


Senator Norwood said that she is a representative of CMSU’s Department of Nursing for the local “Go Red for Women” group that is affiliated with the American Heart Association.  She announced that they would be sponsoring an event on campus on March 8 during spring break and that sponsors to help subsidize this event were needed.  She said that the minimum sponsorship was $500 and that if anyone was interested in participating as a sponsor, or knew of anyone that was, they should contact her.





President Rogers circulated a draft of a motion concerning Faculty Senate Faculty Development Grants and explained that in order to take action on it, the rules would have to be suspended and two senators would need to volunteer to serve as the maker and the seconder of the motion.  He then briefly explained that the president and vice president of the Faculty Senate are awarded release time for their service to the FS and that in order to reimburse departments for the cost of hiring adjuncts to cover classes that would normally be taught by the president and vice president, a fund had been established several years ago by the university president’s office.  He further explained that because of some peculiarities specific to his situation, this fund has already been used to provide some replacement funds for Senator Sundberg when she was president, and that it is being used to provide replacement funds for VP Riley during her term(s) as vice president, but that it will not be used for him.  He said that the fund currently has a balance in excess of $15,800, and that he feels that rather than letting this money simply remain in the fund, perhaps $10,000 of it could be used for faculty development grants to supplement faculty development activities, including travel, research and creative activities of up to $500, for the spring and summer semesters of 2006.  He also suggested the possibility that perhaps senators and faculty who serve on FS committees might be given preferential treatment regarding their requests for these grants.  In response to a suggestion from Senator Zelazek that these funds could simply be moved to the Professional Enhancement Fund, President Rogers said that this had previously been suggested by the Council of Deans, but that if these funds were simply moved, they would no longer be specifically for the Faculty Senate.  Senator Ament voiced concern that the current wording of this motion indicated that it applied only to the semesters of spring, 2006 and summer, 2006.  He also said that he would likely support this motion if there was some assurance that all faculty would have equal opportunity to access these funds.  President Rogers said that although the line item of this funding is perpetual, this issue would have to be revisited every year.  He also said that parameters would have to be established regarding how the funds would be distributed.  Senator Koehn questioned if some of these funds could be contributed to the Disaster Relief Fund and it was agreed that the legality of such a transaction would need to be determined.  Senator Zelazek questioned if this motion was approved if these funds could be applied for retroactively and it was agreed that this was a definite possibility.  A discussion ensued regarding this topic.  President Rogers further explained the uniqueness of his situation, and VP Riley then attempted to better explain how this situation is currently handled.  Senators Staab and Ament suggested that more time was needed for senators to consider this issue and suggested that it should be discussed further at the next FS meeting before a vote was taken.  President Rogers said that he felt that time is of the essence and that he was hopeful that perhaps faculty could benefit from these funds in the near future.  In response to a question from Senator Saran, President Rogers said that if the text of a motion, along with the names of the persons willing to serve as the maker and the seconder of the motion, are sent to the Faculty Senate office, the text will be prepared in motion form and placed on the agenda for the next EC meeting.  It was agreed that the topic of the motion concerning faculty development grants would be revisited at the next FS meeting.



President Rogers announced that the next regular FS meeting would be held on February 1, and reminded Executive Committee members that the next EC meeting was scheduled for tomorrow at 3:15 p.m. in Union 219.


The meeting was adjourned at 4:45 p.m.



Janie Seymour

Faculty Senate Office Professional