Faculty Senate Meeting Minutes - March

Meeting Minutes for March 2003

Meeting 9 March 5, 2003
Central Missouri State University
Faculty Senate Minutes

The Faculty Senate met at 3:15 p.m. in Union 237 A with President Shellie Myers presiding.

ROLL CALL: Twenty-two senators and four alternates were present (Stark-Wroblewski for Atkinson, Moege for Check, Ament for Laster and Luerhman for Zupnick). Also present were President Bobby Patton, Provost Kyle Carter and Associate Provost for Academic Programs Elaine Frank-Ragan.

MINUTES: Minutes of the February 5 Faculty Senate meeting were approved.

President Patton reported that the bill proposing a name change of Southwest Missouri State University to Missouri State University was postponed indefinitely by the House. Patton reported that a political impasse exists as the House is not looking to cut education but it appears there is a revenue and expenditures gap. There is greater awareness this year about the impact of cuts to higher education which is in our favor and different from a year ago. Patton expressed his appreciation to FS President Myers for her help in addressing some problems within the mathematics and computer science department involving use of computer units.

Provost Carter reported that the search for Arts & Science dean has been extended and he was working with the Search Screening Committee. The search will begin sometime in the summer in hopes that the university can successfully complete the search to fill the position as early as January 1. Carter reported the Department of Music had a successful accreditation visit by the National Association of Schools of Music.

FS President Myers referred to the printed President’s Cabinet, Academic Council and Council of Deans reports. If you have any questions, please contact Myers.

FS Vice President Eason reported that the Academic Affairs General Council meeting had been postponed.

Senator Sarkar reported on the Strategic Planning and Resource Council. Sarkar reported that sub-committees have been formed from members of the SPRC. Sarkar reported that a committee Frank-Ragan is overseeing has been established to set guidelines for fee structure for use of facilities. Sarkar stated he represents the Senate not himself and requested feedback from the senators. Eason asked, what areas are the sub-committees addressing? Sarkar responded Enrollment, Accreditation, and Compensation.

Myers announced that the EC sent thank you letters to Board of Governor’s President, Lenita Johnson and Vice President, Dee Hudson for their interest and attendance at a FS meeting. Myers also shared that BOG President Johnson had expressed that attending the FS meeting gave her a greater understanding of the effort and work required that is not always evident in reports received by BOG. Myers reported that President Johnson expressed her appreciation to the Senate for their efforts.

Myers announced that President Patton accepted FS Motion 11 the revision of the mission statement. Myers thanked FS Vice President Eason and Senators Davis, Young, Callahan, and Neal for their work in the revision of the mission statement.

Eason referred to the printed document “Recommendations from the Committee on Committees Regarding Faculty Senate Committees’ Charges”.
Item A. North Central recommended at its last campus visit that university committee structures be examined to see if they couldn’t be streamlined. In preparation for the accreditation visit, the FS CoC was asked to examine FS Committees. Eason reported the recommendation from the CoC to the Senate that the following two committees be disbanded: FS AE 1400—Student Development Seminar Committee and FS Campus Aesthetics Committee. Passed unanimously.

ItemB. In most years, the FS Constitution and By-laws Committee does not have work
forwarded to it. For that reason, the CoC recommends to the Senate that this committee
continue to exist but that the Senate appoint members to it only in those years when it
has been determined that there is business the committee needs to address. Passed

Item C. The FS General Education Committee, Renee Cole, chair, conducted its triennial
charge review this year. They have suggested the following changes in the substance of
their charge. The FS CoC recommends that the Senate approve these proposed changes.
Item E. To oversee review the operation of the General Education program and make recommendations when appropriate. Passed unanimously.
Item A. Composition (8 to 10)
1. Up to five members, one from each college and L/AE are entitled to a representative. Failed with 11 yes votes, 13 no votes and 1 abstention.
The GE Committee shall provide a liaison to the FS Assessment Council with periodic reports. Passed unanimously.

Item E. The FS Salary and Fringe Benefits Committee, chaired by Jeff Yelton, has revised its charge in response to the adoption of the new Faculty Compensation Policy. The proposed changes are presented below. The CoC recommends that the Senate approve these changes.

A. To annually investigate, initiate, and recommend annually policy concerning faculty members' salaries and fringe benefits.
B. To establish and maintain liaison between CMSU and sister institutions for purposes of investigation and recommending fringe benefits and salary policies.
C. To establish and maintain liaison with paralleled CMSU committees for nonexempt staff and professional non-faculty groups for the purpose of investigating and recommending fringe benefit programs in common interest.
The Advisory Committee for the University Budget and the Salary and Fringe Benefits Committee should coordinate their respective recommendations regarding salaries and budgetary considerations when their reports are made to the Senate.
B. To review salary data from other comprehensive institutions.
C. To recommend the annual across-the-board increase, in coordination with the FS University Budget Committee.
D. To conduct annual reviews, in conjunction with the Provost, of base salary range and market adjustments to assure reasonable competitiveness for all disciplines.
E. To develop and monitor periodic reviews, in conjunction with the Provost, to detect and suggest remedies for salary inequities, which may be based on age, race, religion, sex, national origin, sexual orientation, marital status, Vietnam War Era veterans, handicaps and disabilities, etc.
F. To consult with and provide advice/counsel to the Provost on matters regarding faculty compensation, including benefits.

Palmer expressed concern for excluding discussion of fringe benefits from the charge in items B. & C. strikethrough above. After discussion, Eason moved to amend, to re-insert item C as item B, seconded by Sundberg. Passed with 22 yes votes, 1 no vote, and 2 abstentions. The Item I. Function passed unanimously as amended.

A. Composition (11 or more members)
1. Two faculty members from each college and L/AE
2. The Director of Human Resources or designee (ex officio, non-voting)
2. The Provost (ex officio, non-voting)
3. The committee may seek ex officio, non-voting members from related FS Committees and the Office of Human Resources.
B. Selection
Faculty members nominated by FS Committee on Committees and confirmed by the Faculty Senate elected from among the full-time faculty of each college and L/AE.
C. Selection of Chair
Shall select a chair from its membership
The committee elects the chair from among its elected members. The chair must have served on the committee the previous year.
D. Term of Service
Two years, staggered terms: one member from each college and L/AE elected annually
Item III. Membership in its entirety, passed unanimously.

Whenever possible, a second-year committee member should be selected as chair.
The committee chair is responsible for creating and maintaining a Procedures Manual, a copy to be kept in the Faculty Senate Office.
The committee is likely to meet during the summer.
The Chair or a designated appointee from the Salary Committee should take part in meetings of the Budget Committee, and the Chair/designated appointee of the Budget Committee should take part in meetings of the Salary Committee.
After the Administration Mid-year Retreat, meet with the President of the University about salary and fringe benefit concerns.
Report to the Faculty Senate during Spring semester and recommend policy concerning faculty members' salaries and fringe benefits.
Select a member to serve as a liaison on the Personnel Policies Committee.
Best expressed concern regarding removing the comment: Report to the Faculty Senate during Spring semester and recommend policy concerning faculty members’ salaries and fringe benefits. Miller made an amendment to re-insert the comment, Riley seconded. The amendment passed unanimously. Item IV. Comments passed unanimously as amended.

Myers reported that Dr. Martha Albin was unable to be available to give a report on the CMSU Healthcare Benefits due to a death in her family. Dr. Albin will be available at the April 2 Faculty Senate meeting. The consultants will provide a report to the Health Benefits Task Force on March 18. Myers stated if any one would like information before the April 2 meeting to request by email after March 18.

Myers introduced Mel Klinkner who reported budget updates. Klinkner reported on the fiscal year 2003 withholding of 1.3 million. Raveill asked if the 10% withholding from each department will be used. Klinkner reported that the student surcharge generated 1 million and the remaining $300,000 will come from internal, centrally located funds. Callahan asked if the 10% is not needed, will it be given back to the departments. Klinkner responded there have been monthly revenue shortfalls at the State therefore we are holding the 10% until we are confident there will not be another withholding for this fiscal year. We already know that there will be a base cut to next year’s fiscal budget of $126,530. Patton stated that the reason why we are holding on to the 10% withholding is if the university is hit with a withholding in May or June, then the 10% will be used to cover it. Last year there were contingency funds which were used to cover some of the withholding are now gone. Klinkner responded to Callahan that the 10.5 million plus from last fiscal year was a one-time withholding in fiscal 2002. Then in fiscal year 2003 our base appropriation of $61.7 million was cut 10%. Withholdings are one-time dollars taken from base appropriation dollars for that particular year. When there is a base cut, then state appropriations are reduced permanently. To re-establish the base is a major difficulty faced by all Missouri institutions. Klinkner encouraged members of the FS to help keep the pressure on legislators to keep higher education as a priority.

Myers referred to the policies for Senate consideration and possible action. Jeffery Robinson, Policy Officer, provided a summary of changes. Robinson reported there was an additional change to the Sick Leave and Personal Leave Policy in III. Procedure C. Summer school sick leave days to be credited August 15…..instead of July. Morgan expressed concern that under Item III. Procedure A. Family and Medical Leave Act qualifying events…that an individual would be forced to take sick leave before using their FMLA. Riley expressed concern that library faculty work 12 months and they accumulate sick leave by the quarter not semester and the policy needs to reflect that there are two different policies depending upon which group you belong. Myers asked Jeffrey Robinson to report the comments/questions at the President’s Cabinet. Morgan asked how faculty can find out the number of accumulated days past 128 days? Myers responded that she would ask the question and get back with Morgan.

Myers opened the discussion on the Degree Revocation Policy. The following are questions/comments from Senators: 1) Sundberg referred to Item III. Guidelines and Responsibility—The provost shall assure that the appropriate levels of procedural due process be extended to the degree recipient. Sundberg stated she would like to see an appeal process laid out. 2) Morgan referred to Item II. Definition—Evidence is presented which verifies that a degree had been erroneously conferred… and asked what if the institution makes a mistake and erroneously grants a person the wrong degree? 3) Sarkar asked if a department finds there is a problem, what is the procedure to address the concern. Following discussion by the senators, Myers asked Robinson to report the comments/questions at the President’s Cabinet.

Myers referred to the Retrenchment Document and expressed the importance of senators’ review of the document. Myers reported the Senate is scheduled to review the document for its approval at the April 2 or April 9 meeting. Myers introduced Leigh Ann Blunt, Chair of the FS FPPC. Blunt reported updates on the Retrenchment Policy and Procedures and that she had taken the questions/comments from senators to the committee that resulted in changes to the language. The committee has made revisions by taking a look at individual programs and not labeling them as disciplines. Blunt asked if the senators have any comments or concerns about the original Retrenchment Document to share them with any member of the committee.

Myers introduced Beth Tankersley to report on the Kansas City Task Force (KCTF). Tankersley reported that in the fall of 2001 the task force convened to go to Kansas City and visit specifically with ethnic minorities to see how CMSU could be an active partner with the Kansas City community. Tankersley referred to the printed Kansas City Task Force Update document. The KCTF visited with 24 different businesses and schools that CMSU had not been working with in the past. There has been an increase in advertisement in the Kansas City Press specifically within the ethnic minority publications. There have been 965,000 radio exposures through the KCTF all of these at zero cost to Central, due to relationships that the KCTF has established. CMSU faculty members are very involved on committees in Kansas City. We have been able to identify practica, internship, field experience and mentoring opportunities for our students. There have been connections between the following: MBA program at Central and the Hispanic MBA society in Kansas City, Aviation Program and the FAA specific Hispanic recruitment program. For information on the KCTF the website address is cmsu.edu/kctf. Myers thanked Tankersley for her report on the KCTF.

The meeting was adjourned at 5:20 p.m.

Chris Hayward
Faculty Senate Office Professional

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