Faculty Senate Meeting Minutes - May

May Faculty Senate Minutes

Meeting 20 Central Missouri State University May 1, 2002
Faculty Senate Minutes approved 9/18/2002

The Faculty Senate met at 3:15 p.m. in Union 237A with President Mike Bersin presiding.

Senators present were Atkinson, Bersin, Best, Callahan, Check, Eason, Franz, Ghozzi, Johnson, Joy, Kemp, Laster, Limback, Lynch, Miller, Morgan, Myers, Palmer, Small, Ben Yates, Bob Yates and Zupnick. Alternates present were Bryant for Bacon and Shaffer for Davis. Also present were University President Patton and Provost Carter.

Minutes of the April 24 Faculty Senate meeting were approved as printed.

Bersin referenced the following distributed letters and memos. A memo from Siminoe to Provost Carter and Mary Ragland dated April 19, 2002 regarding FS grievance procedure; memo from Provost Carter to the Academic Council dated April 25, 2002 regarding a temporary freeze on equipment supported by the Academic Affairs central fund (not department equipment budgets); a memo from Provost Carter to the Academic Council dated April 29, 2002, regarding the emeriti part-time rates; a letter from President Patton to Bersin dated April 25, 2002 in response to FS motions 26, 27 & 28; and a letter from President Patton to Myers dated April 30 in response to FS motions 29, 30 and 31.

President Patton will continue to keep the campus informed on the state budget developments. Discussion continues regarding name changes of two regional universities. Board member Lenita Johnson and Rutha Awbrey will conduct a presentation on Friday. Reports will be available in the president’s office and three other offices.

Provost Carter reported that student fee increases would be on the May 10 Board agenda. The Board will consider the moderately selective admissions standards on June 19. Carter noted that both the developmental model from the Faculty Evaluations Task Force and the draft report from the Faculty Compensation Ad Hoc Committee look good. Paul Page expressed interest in developing additional faculty awards beyond the Byler Award. The restructuring of the summer schedule shows over 400 credit hours and 300 students. The pay schedule is being increased by 10% for summer. Faculty will be paid in May, June and July.

In response to Callahan, Carter said stated that student assessment will occur as NCATE expects it. The mandated redesign of general education courses includes assessment. There should be a way for students to take the exam without bothering faculty or requiring extra credit or evaluation. A successful way is desired. In response to Palmer’s concern of assessment being required for graduation Carter said that would take further discussion and if a proposal was made that the Faculty Senate would consider it. Carter expressed ambivalence with it being required for graduation.

Arthur Young chair of the FS Budget Advisory Committee brought back the tabled motion, with the addition of the Library requisition motion.

Be it resolved that:
• Given apparent financial constraints facing the University, and because of the declaration of a state of financial stringency, no salary increase is recommended for the 2002-03 fiscal year.

As a matter of record, the Budget Advisory Committee further notes:
• The committee is not in possession of nor has it been provided with sufficient information on the fiscal status of the totality of University operations that would enable the committee to make a fully informed decision about the ability of the institution to support an increase in faculty salaries for FY2002-03.
• Should there be no faculty salary increase in FY2002-03, this will mark two of the last three fiscal years for which there has been no cost of living adjustment that would enable employees simply to maintain a standard of living in conjunction with inflationary increases reported in measures such as the Consumer Price Index. By the CPI, the cost of living has increased by a total of 4.4% over the last two years and a total of 7.7% over the last three years.
• The lack of salary increases for FY2002-03 will likely adversely affect the morale of current employees, erode faculty commitment to the institution, and further restrict the ability of the University to attract and retain high caliber faculty.
• In recent years, average faculty salaries at Central have declined substantially in comparison to similar institutions. For the University to remain strong, faculty salaries at Central must keep pace with comparable institutions.
• The committee strongly encourages the administration to allocate budgeted income and available resources to offer base salaries that maintain the morale and quality of Central’s faculty.

In response to the Library Advisory Committee recommendation received April 18, 2002 regarding the funding of the subscription base for the Kirkpatrick Library, the FS University Budget Advisory Committee made the following budget recommendation for fiscal year 2002-2003.

Be it resolved that
The library materials budget be structured to offset inflation and maintain the current subscription base for FY2002-03. To accomplish this goal the recommended increase is $64,150; consisting of $53,550, a seven percent increase in the amount spent for serials, and $10,600, a three percent increase in the amount spent for books and videos.

As a matter of record, the FS University Budget Advisory Committee motes;
? The holdings of the Kirkpatrick Library supports the teaching, research and service mission of the university.
? The Kirkpatrick Library is a repository of the knowledge created and used at CMSU.
? The contents of Kirkpatrick Library serve both Central students and citizens across the state of Missouri.
? Adequate library materials are an essential component of a comprehensive university serving a broad array of constituents.
The contents of Kirkpatrick Library represent the institution’s commitment to learning and acquisition of knowledge.

The motion was made and seconded. In response to Patton’s suggestion of reallocating a percentage of department budgets to go towards library acquisitions, Palmer and Eason expressed concern against such a reallocation. Patton noted that it was a one time only reduction this year, and that department general operations budgets will go back to what they were.

For: 13 Against: 6 Abstentions: 3 PASSED FS 2001-2003-32

Bersin referred to the FS Elections Committee report of the general election results.

Graduate Dean Novella Perrin referred to the previously distributed Graduate Council status guidelines. She explained the different committees and their responsibilities. Those with current graduate faculty status will be grandfathered in. Morgan asked how the schema is different than that in the past? Perrin noted the major way this impacts the Faculty Senate is that the Graduate Council would be elected not appointed by the Senate. Perrin was not familiar with what the Senate voted down in the past. Perrin said that the Graduate Faculty Assembly is more than 360 people, but it is a way for her to interact with all the graduate faculty and allow for dialogue. Graduate education might not be as elevated as it could be here at Central. Perrin will assure current graduate faculty are on record and would be grandfathered in.

FS Committee on Committees chair Shellie Myers presented the slate of nominations for faculty representation on committee’s campus-wide. Bob Yates moved to amend the motion by leaving the MA English Second Language position through 2004 on the FS international Affairs Committee vacant, as the nominee does not qualify for the position. The amendment was seconded and approved with 22 yes votes and 2 abstentions.
The amended slate of nominations to committees was approved unanimously with 24 votes.

Small moved to suspend the rule. The motion was seconded and passed with 23 yes votes and 1 abstention.

Myers moved to consider the document from the Ad Hoc Discussion Committee on Promotion and Tenure. The motion was seconded.
Eason referred to the section of qualifications for tenure. The probationary language was changed and a section was moved to a more appropriate place. Eason referred to the changed document. The time-lines have been merged for promotion and tenure. Changes were made to page 5, d. third paragraph. The document reflects the compromise and agreements with the administration. Morgan and Myers thanked senator Eason for her hard work. The document also reflects the items that were not agreed upon, and those sections revert back to the original document. Myers stated that the final document presented shows areas of remaining disagreements in red, agreed upon changes in green, and editorial changes in blue. Eason referred to the Academic Freedom statement, noting that it would revert back to what it was in the present policy as there was no agreement. Morgan stressed that the Promotion and Tenure document approved and recommended by the FS excludes the addition of “In general” on page one and reinserting “tenure-track” throughout the document. Myers said that is correct and that the Ad Hoc Discussion Committee report would be sent with the Promotion and Tenure document to the President. Bersin ruled that the FS was reviewing changes from the March 6 document as reflected by recommendations in green on this draft. Atkinson moved to accept the three-paged ad hoc committee document. Seconded. After discussion the motion passed with a roll call vote. Those for the motion were Atkinson, Bryant, Best, Callahan, Shaffer, Eason, Franz, Ghozzi, Johnson, Joy, Kemp, Laster, Limback, Lynch, Miller, Morgan, Myers, Palmer, Small, Ben Yates, Bob Yates and Zupnick. Check abstained. After further discussion, Eason moved
“that the changes to the Promotion & Tenure document recommended by the committee be approved.” The motion was seconded and passed unanimously.

For: 24 Against: 0 Abstentions: 0 PASSED FS 2001-2003-33

A special thanks gift was presented to Eason for her work on the promotion and tenure document. A plaque was presented to McTighe for 13+ years of service to the Faculty Senate.

Bersin extended congratulations for the hard work, dedication and commitment to faculty governance expressed by the Senate. Bersin deeply valued the contributions from every person. Bob Yates expressed appreciation on behalf of the Senate to Bersin as a wonderful spokesperson for the Faculty Senate the past two years.

Bob Yates and Mel Franz moved to adjourn. The meeting was adjourned at 4:14 p.m.

SEATING OF THE 2002-2003 Faculty Senate

Senators present were Atkinson, Best, Bigby, Bryant, Eason, Joy, Kemp, Laster, Lynch, Miller, Morgan, Myers, Neal, Norwood, Palmer, Raveill, Riley, Sarkar, Sundberg and Zupnick.

The nomination of Shellie Myers for FS president was seconded and approved by acclimation. The nominations for FS vice president were Atkinson and Eason. Eason received the most votes cast by written ballot.

Atkinson was elected to serve for a one-year term on the Community Awareness Advisory Board by unanimous vote.

Senators caucused and brought forth nominations for the FS Executive Committee membership. Those nominated, seconded and approved unanimously were A&S-Donald D. Miller, AS&T-Susan Morgan, EHS-Tom Atkinson, HCBA-Roger Best and L/AE-Cheryl Riley.

Myers announced that the FS Executive Committee would meet on May 2, at 3:15 p.m. in Union 308. FS goals will be compiled, preparation for the President’s Summer Retreat will be discussed, a FS parliamentarian will be elected, the Special Rules of Order will be reviewed, and a Senator will be elected to serve on the Start Up Committee (meets in the Summer). A motion will be entertained to destroy results from the 2000 general election as directed by I-28, 2.g. (6) Bylaws of the Faculty Senate.

Myers asked that all senators leave a phone number of where they could be reached during the Summer in case it is necessary to contact them.

Atkinson moved to adjourn. The meeting was adjourned at 4:30 p.m.

Ginny McTighe, Faculty Senate Secretary

The next FS meeting will be on September 18, at 3:15 p.m. in Union 237A.


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