Meeting 6                                                                                                                                                  November 14, 2007


University of Central Missouri

Faculty Senate Minutes


The Faculty Senate meeting was called to order at 3:21 p.m. in Union 237B with President Jack Rogers presiding.




In addition to FS President Rogers, the following 18 Senators were present: Bouzouita, Bradley, Callahan, Davis, Ely, Joy, Kangas, Liu, Popejoy, Robins, Schmidt, Smith, Thomas, Tropf, Williamson, Bigby for Bowman, Dunlap for Urban, and Zerr for Strohmeyer. Also present was Provost Wilson and Parliamentarian Cheryl Riley.




A motion was made by Senator Ely, seconded by Senator Kangas, which passed unanimously to approve the minutes of meeting 5 of the 2007-2008 Faculty Senate held on October 24, 2007.




Provost Wilson stated that President Podolefsky was in Jefferson City working on the funding formula with other members for the Department of Higher Education.


Senator Ely stated that the Reconciliation Committee for SPRC has been formed.  Provost Wilson added that not everyone who volunteered to be on the committee has been contacted yet.




Senator Ely stated that an SPRC sub committee is needed to examine the Strategic Planning Document that was worked on by the FS in September.  Provost Wilson stated that what is desired is a revision of all the comments that were discussed during that Senate meeting to get a unified presentation from the faculty.  Senator Ely said to Provost Wilson, “I assume this is in addition to what we have done before as far as the two comments and the “one liners” in the goal statements which was more of how we met goals and then the other one was to make it marry up with the mission statements.” “Is that right?”

Provost Wilson stated yes, and to remember that what has been put out so far is not the complete Strategic Plan. Under each of those goals there are going to be a number of objectives, strategies, and performance measures which has yet to be completed and is not ready for review.


FS President Rogers asked for volunteers for the SPRC Mission and Goals Statement Sub Committee. 

Senator Ely will chair the committee, and other volunteers were: Senators Williamson, Robins, Smith, and Wenger who had previously volunteered.


FS President Rogers presented motion 2007-2008-9 and asked Senator Smith to address the motion.

Senator Smith started by thanking FS President Rogers, FS Vice President Popejoy, and Senator Ely for the help in crafting the motion. The motion is simply trying to give more flexibility to the course scheduling. Specifically in regards to summer session but to all sessions. It would give more flexibility in terms of departments and colleges having the ability to set up their courses to make sure that they are offering the course that the students need and not giving faculty the extra burden that might be born by smaller class size in the summer. Provost Wilson stated that the variable compensation contract idea was designed for faculty who like to teach what is likely to be a low enrollment class and also just wanted to remind everyone that in the summer, UCM has to generate one million dollars as part of the base budget. Provost Wilson added that he agrees with the spirit of this motion but is not going to say that variable contracts will not be used.  Senator Smith stated that he agrees with Provost Wilson but the motion does not say we are trying to do away with variable pay contracts; it just discourages it from being a set policy specifically designating specific numbers in classes. 

After more discussion, it was decided to add terminology to the motion in the following way: (additions are in bold)

Regarding workforce planning for the academic year, summer sessions, and/or extended campus offerings, the Faculty Senate recommends that each department and college, with the University’s support, have the discretion to develop course offerings and to make faculty compensation and load decisions as needed, as long as the college is able to meet its budgetary requirements.  Further, the Faculty Senate discourages focusing on any single compensation method, e.g., variable pay, but rather promotes flexibility in the planning process.


Senator Bradley stated that as she understood it, this is the way it has been already and asked if the policy for variable pay contract was recorded somewhere. Provost Wilson stated that the policy for variable pay contracts is written and the problem was the Dean, who is no longer with us, that violated the written rules for using variable contracts which is where the whole problem stated. The rules of the contract are: it has to be agreed on before the courses are listed on the summer calendar and the faculty member has to know the terms, the minimum salary, the maximum salary and the risk they take to agree to teach even if it is a small enrollment class.


FS President Rogers stated that all motions that are passed through the Senate are then forwarded to President Podolefsky. He then accepts, modifies, or declines it.


Senator Kangas called the question. A vote was then taken to stop debate over motion 2007-2008-9 with the results as follows: 


FOR: 15                 ABSTENTIONS: 2                               OPPOSED: 1


The vote brought the debate to an end.


FS President Rogers then called for a vote on amended motion 2007-2008-9. 


-PASSED-             FOR: 18                 ABSTENTIONS: 0                               OPPOSED: 0                           (2007-2008-9)


With nothing further, the meeting was called to order at 4:37 p.m.




Respectfully Submitted,

Dianne Gower

Faculty Senate Office Professional