Meeting 4                                                                                                                                                         October 3, 2007


University of Central Missouri

Faculty Senate Minutes


The Faculty Senate meeting was called to order at 3:24 p.m. in Union 237A with President Jack Rogers presiding.




In addition to FS President Rogers, the following 18 Senators were present: Bouzouita, Davis, Ely, Geiger, Joy, Kangas, Liu, Norwood, Popejoy, Robins, Sarkar, Smith, Strohmeyer, Thomas, Tropf, Brown for Williamson, Williams for Neal, and Iske.  Also present was President Podolefsky, Provost Wilson, SGA representative Holly Inglehart, and Karen Bradley.




A motion was made by Senator Kangas, seconded by Senator Ely which passed unanimously to approve the minutes of meeting 2 held on August 29, 2007.

A motion was made by Senator Ely, seconded by Senator Strohmeyer which passed unanimously to approve the minutes of meeting 3 held on September 19, 2007.




Questions for President Podolefsky:


Senators Iske and Kangas asked about the status of the motions from the last Senate meeting (see motions under FS President Announcements.) President Podolefsky stated that the motion regarding merit fund reallocation was approved. President Podolefsky is asking that the motion on the merit pay deadline be modified to direct department chairs to provide a formal "merit pay plan in progress" to their Deans by December 1st. No action is being taken on the proposed change to the Academic Policy and Procedure at this time.


Provost Wilson's announcements:


Everyone knows that Senate Bill 389 and draft regulations from the Department of Higher Education require that we post information about all instructors on our web site and one of the elements to be posted is instructor evaluations.  Provost Wilson agreed that the FSEC would establish an Ad Hoc committee combined of students and faculty, to develop four to six dimensions for rating instructors that will provide useful information to students.

FS Vice President Popejoy's announcements:


Senator Popejoy's report from the Provost Council meeting was distributed and is attached to the minutes. Senator Popejoy highlighted discussions on blackboard issues, mid-term grades, summer sessions, variable compensation contracts, and comments on motions 2007-2008-5 and 6.


FS President Roger's announcements:


The motions from the FS meeting on August 29, 2007 that were forwarded to President Podolefsky resulted in the following:

2007-2008-2 regarding the merit pay deadline- President Podolefsky suggested that it be re-examined and essentially change it from a merit pay plan to more of a progress review; a plan of what they intend to do and a timeline for when they want to solidify those kinds of decisions. 

2007-2008-3 regarding merit pay fund reallocation- President Podolefsky approved this motion and is working on distributing the money.  

2007-2008-4 regarding the proposal to amend the UCM Academic Policy and Procedure, which is basically focusing on the last part of the motion-

Faculty evaluations are utilized as performance measurement and developmental tools, primarily in making promotion and tenure decisions.  As such, these records are considered confidential in nature and not a matter of public record.

President Podolefsky is taking no action on this motion at this time.


FS President Rogers stated that the Missouri Association of Faculty Senates would like to pass a resolution on posting faculty evaluations on the web. The MAFS wants each institution to have the flexibility to develop their own evaluative questions and that these questions could be used in addition to the more formal faculty evaluations. The only thing that differs from our proposal is that the evaluations may be restricted to currently enrolled students.


SGA representative announcements:


They just met yesterday and discussed the first Mule Time meeting which will be October 18 at 5 p.m. in WC Morris room 299. This is where students, faculty and staff can come and talk about campus issues that need to be discussed. They are in the process of setting up for homecoming and getting it all in order. SGA is looking forward to having FS come to their meetings.


SPRC announcements:


Senator Ely stated that he met with Carole Nimmer and she welcomed all comments and suggestions. President Podolefsky will appoint a reconciliation committee that will review the suggestions and try to incorporate everything into a new draft. The new draft will go back to the faculty and governance groups.


Senator Sarkar asked, "What happened to the five task forces that were looking at things like teaching excellence and has the SPRC discussed the recommendations from those 5 task forces?" Provost Wilson stated that those task forces were created by Provost Shah, and as he understands it, they have completed their work and reported their findings. The reports were forwarded to places that would need to take them up for further discussion.


Senator Ely stated that he forgot to mention that he brought up the one line sentence statements on the mission and goals statements and found that they are incorporated as strategies and not as goals.




FS President Rogers stated that Jeff Morris from University Relations had to address the Senate and the floor was opened to him.


Morris stated that he appreciated the FS making time for him to talk to the Senate about the new UCM symbol. Some examples were passed around for Senate members to look at. The friendship tower was developed for the logo that we now use on our business cards. That design has been incorporated into the new logo. The Senate discussed the issue and encouraged Jeff Morris to proceed with his plan to present the new university logo to the Board of Governors at its October 17, 2007 meeting.


FS President Rogers presented motion 2007-2008-5 regarding the Functional Major requirement. Senator Ely gives some background information and stated that functional majors were originally created for programs that needed more hours to satisfy certification and accreditation concerns. The motion suggests removing the word "functional" and the University requirements of a "minor".  Senator Kangas stated that functional major is utilized in his area and he is concerned about this motion because a functional major defines to the student why there is no minor and that removing the word functional may not be sending a clear statement to students.

Senator Thomas asked if the removal of the minor as a requirement could hurt UCM's academic rigor.

Provost Wilson stated that a time period would have to be set to give people time to make adjustments and also wanted to remind everyone that majors that currently require a minor, as he understands, could continue to do so. Provost Wilson stated that giving students the opportunity would be a positive change.  Senator Ely stated that some members of his department think that the removal of the functional major and the University requirements of a minor will give them more flexibility and opportunity and in his opinion, will not reduce academic rigor.


A vote was taken on motion 2007-2008-5 which resulted in:


-PASSED-             For: 16                  Opposed: 1                         Abstention(s): 1                                               (2007-2008-5)


FS President Rogers presented motion 2007-2008-6 regarding the proposal to develop a 9 hour per academic semester teaching load.


The motion was discussed, but the quorum was lost so a vote was not taken on the motion. The Executive Committee agreed to discuss that issue at tomorrow's meeting.


With nothing further, the meeting was adjourned at 5:24 p.m.




Respectfully submitted,

Dianne Gower

Faculty Senate Office Professional












Meeting 5                                                                                                                                                      October 24, 2007


University of Central Missouri

Faculty Senate Minutes


The Faculty Senate meeting was called to order at 3:24 p.m. in Union 237B with President Jack Rogers presiding.




In addition to FS President Rogers, the following 18 Senators were present: Bouzouita, Bradley, Davis, Ely, Geiger, Joy, Neal, Riggins, Sarkar, Schmidt, Smith, Stevenson, Strohmeyer, Thomas, Wenger, Williamson, Bigby for Robins, and Dunlap for Urban. Also present were Provost Wilson and SGA representative Nick Schimmer.




Two corrections were made to the minutes of meeting 4 on October 3, 2007. 1.) Under SPRC announcements, President Podolefsky appointed a reconciliation committee (change to: will appoint.) 2.) Third page, end of discussion for motion 2007-2008-5, Senator Ely stated that his department (change to: stated that some members of his department. With those changes, a motion was made by Senator Strohmeyer, seconded by Senator Ely and passed unanimously to pass the minutes of meeting 4.




Questions for Provost Wilson:


Senator Davis asked if the departments are supposed to be working on their merit plan ideas and also mentioned that there is some confusion around campus with regard to guidelines and the deadline for same. Provost Wilson replied that departments are supposed to be working on their merit plan ideas. He also stated that he understands that there is some confusion and that is part of the reason why President Podolefsky modified the Faculty Senate’s recommendation regarding the December 1 deadline for merit plans being submitted to the Deans. The President has suggested that departments be able to submit an in progress review to their Deans by the December 1st deadline not necessarily a finished merit pay plan.


FS President Rogers announced that the next FS meeting will be the General Faculty meeting on November 7, 2007 at 3:15 p.m. in union room # 240. The next FSEC meeting will be November 1, 2007 at 3:15 p.m. in union room # 219.


SGA representative announcements:


Nick Schimmer introduced himself as the floor leader of the SGA senate.

·         Homecoming and using the electronic ballots went very well this year.

·         SGA had a meeting last night and they sent their final opinion regarding the recreational center to the Board of Governors which recommended raising the student activity fee to $7 per credit hour so the building process can be started. The Board approved the recommendation this morning.

·         There were some changes made and a resolution passed to modify the student handbook.

·         The big thing being worked on now is the "green fee initiative" for a recycling program to make the campus more environmentally friendly. It is being worked on in hopes that it will be ready for the spring elections for the students to vote on.

·         The SGA's Supreme Court has become relatively obsolete considering all voting was done online this year, which was the main purpose that the Supreme Court served. The SGA will possibly expand the Supreme Court to have them deal with constitutional matters for all student organizations. 



Senator Sarkar asked how the faculty can assist with the "green fee initiative" and what kind of help is needed.  Nick stated that right now it is in the early stages and that any ideas or input would be appreciated: things like recycling and cutting down on electrical use.


FS President Rogers introduced Darren Dohery who is the SGA President. Darren stated that he had a brief discussion over the phone this morning with President Podolefsky and student Governor Arton regarding this issue and since our University deals with technology issues and programs more so than other Universities, using solar energy is an avenue that could be looked at. As far as the recycling idea, it is not costing the University any money, but is also something that needs to be looked into.


FS President Rogers stated that there is a SGA sign up sheet that lists all the SGA meetings, places and times being passed around at this meeting and  encouraged Senators to sign up to go to at least one meeting. This way, both groups are informed about what the other group is working on and could look for possible ways to work together on issues of mutual interest.




Senator Sarkar introduces Dr. Patricia Decker as a special guest speaker.

Dr. Decker came to the meeting to share information about undergraduate research.

Dr. Decker's office maintains a registry on the web that matches students who are interested in doing research or creative projects with faculty with similar research interests. Faculty, as well as students, can sign up. The Office of Undergraduate Research provides funding for students that need supplies for their research or projects in amounts of up to one-thousand dollars, and funding for travel in amounts between three and five-hundred dollars. They sponsor the Central Scholars Symposium every spring with generally about one-hundred and fifty students who take part. For the last two years, they have been able to fund students to participate in the summer scholars program which is continuation funding from a grant that was received in 2004. Many students who take part in undergraduate research go on to graduate programs or at least it helps them when they apply for jobs. There have been ten Lancy scholars over the last two summers and of those, six are in graduate school, and the other four are nursing students currently working in the field. In 2006, there were five summer scholars, three are currently in a PHD program, one is still enrolled at UCM, and one is in an MFA program. Currently, there are students working on projects for the 2007 program. Each of those students is planning to continue their education and two stated that they plan to pursue a PHD.


Dr. Decker added that the University needs to support undergraduate research. FS President Rogers asked, "If you had more funding, how many students could be supported and how can we support this?" Dr. Decker replied that it would probably support twenty to twenty-five students. Senator Sarkar asked how much funding would be needed to allow Dr. Decker to do her job in a way that would maximize its potential for the students, the faculty and the University. She replied that twenty-five thousand dollars was needed to fund undergraduate research for supplies and travel. Senator Sarkar asked for Dr. Decker to give an example of how this program has expanded over the last few years. Dr. Decker stated that she has been here since 2003 and it has probably doubled in size since then.


FS President Rogers presented motion 2007-2008-7 regarding a proposal for implementation to a more flexible approach to faculty workloads. (Please see motion attached.)


Motion:  The Faculty Senate recommends that each college develop procedures, with proper university support, to allocate an eighteen hour teaching load (per academic year) to tenured and tenure-track faculty members who are actively engaged in scholarly and/or creative activity with implementation to begin during the 2008-2009 academic year.


Provost Wilson stated that he appreciated Senators Ely and Sarkar letting him participate in the discussion of this motion. After brief discussion, FS President Rogers called for a vote.


-PASSED-             For: 15                  Opposed: 0                         Abstentions: 2                                      (2007-2008-7)


FS President Rogers presented motion 2007-2008-8 regarding the Committee on Committee’s nominations to fill vacant positions. (Please see motion attached: Nominations are in bold.)


A vote was then taken on motion 2007-2008-8 with the following results:


-PASSED-             For: 17                  Opposed: 0                         Abstentions: 0                                      (2007-2008-8)


With nothing further, the meeting was adjourned at 4:05 p.m.




Respectfully submitted,

Dianne Gower

Faculty Senate Office Professional