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Faculty Personnel Policies Committee


A. To review current faculty personnel policies on a continuing basis.
Such a review would include, but not be restricted to, policies regarding: terms of employment; promotion and tenure; contract status; early retirement; temporary and adjunct contracts; non-tenure track, full-time faculty contracts; and faculty evaluation procedures

B. To review proposed faculty personnel policy changes in the Faculty Guide for submission to the Faculty Senate

C. To advise the Faculty Senate on proposed personnel policy changes to the Faculty Guide and other related faculty personnel matters


Reports to the Faculty Senate


A. Composition (10 members)

Two faculty members from each college and one from the Library

Vice Provost of Academic Programs & Services(ex-officio/non voting.)

B. Selection

Faculty members nominated by the FS Committee on Committees and confirmed by the Faculty Senate

C. Selection of Chair

Shall select the chair from its membership

D. Term of Service

Two years (staggered). After serving for two consecutive terms, a member will be ineligible to serve for a period of one year.   Exceptions may be made by the Faculty Senate Committee on Committees or the Faculty Senate Elections Committee.


Whenever possible, a second-year committee member should be selected as chair.  A first year committee member may be selected to serve as co-chair.

Business may be conducted via e-mail if that business would not entail/merit discussion.  If a committee member cannot be present at a meeting, that member may make nominations or vote via phone by calling either the Faculty Senate office professional or the chair of the Personnel Policy Committee prior to the meeting at which the nominations are being made or the vote is being taken.

The committee chair is responsible for creating and maintaining a Procedures Manual, a copy to be kept in the Faculty Senate Office.

Each FS committee chair is responsible for completing and submitting the committee's annual report to the FS Office Professional by May 15th each year.


Each Faculty Senate and University/Administrative Committee chair is responsible for completing and submitting a triennial charge review by the designated time to the Committee on Committee’s representative.


Committees may conduct business and voting via electronic means.

REV 9/2006; REV 4/2011; REV 12/2011; REV 5/2014; REV 9/2015 REV 2/2016; REV 3/2016

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