Faculty Senate Meeting Minutes - September

Minutes-September 18, 2002

Meeting 1 September 18, 2002
Approved Oct. 9
Central Missouri State University
Faculty Senate Minutes

The Faculty Senate met 3:15 p.m. in Union 237A with President Shellie Myers presiding.

ROLL CALL: Twenty senators and two alternates were present Stark-Wroblewski for Kemp and Heming for Miller. Also present were University President Bobby Patton, Provost Kyle Carter, and Associate Provost for Academic Programs Fran Waller and SGA President Munatsi Manyanda.

Minutes of the May 1, 2002 Faculty Senate meeting were approved as printed.

The 2002-2003 Special Rules of Order were unanimously approved as printed. Motion from Lynch, Sundberg second.

Myers introduced the new SGA President, Munatsi Manyanda and Chris Hayward the new Faculty Senate Office Professional and announced the FS office hours: Monday-Thursday 9 a.m. to 4 p.m., Friday 9 a.m. – 1 p.m. Myers described changes in the policy review process that would basically require the FS to review policy documents twice. In order to eliminate such redundancy, policy documents will be reviewed through the college caucus structure before being placed on the FS agenda as an action item. Suggestions for change may be forwarded to Mel Gross from each caucus. Myers referred to the printed Resolution from the BOG and FS Executive Committee letter. Myers thanked the FS Executive Committee and especially Cheryl Eason for providing input to the letter. Myers explained that FS endorsement of the Resolution required calling a special meeting. When President Patton shared that FS endorsement was not critical but that EC endorsement would be helpful, the EC unanimously agreed to endorse the Resolution. Myers said the point is that some of our structures and procedures limit the FS’s ability to respond to items and we need to review these structures. Myers reported that at the BOG meeting today, board members were prepared to approve the Strategic Plan even though there was no request to do so. The Strategic Plan was delivered to the BOG for a first reading only. Provost Carter stopped their approval stating that it would be premature to approve the plan when the FS had it on their agenda for review.

University President Bobby Patton reported the first ever Trustee Conference held last week in Jefferson City. All the institutions endorsed support of higher education. This is an important political statement and we have to be more politically active. Patton announced that Quinten Wilson had been named Interim Commissioner of the CBHE. Wilson will serve while a search for a permanent Commissioner is conducted.

Provost Kyle Carter reported on the Governor’s Teaching and Excellence Award .It has been one of the casualties in budget cuts. Requests have been made to fund that award. Patton thinks this will proceed. Carter reported the Governor had a summit recently and indicated that state revenues right now are five million-dollars short. President Patton has taken preliminary actions in the event we have to give money back to the state. There is a 10% encumbrance on all budgets excluding personnel lines. Preliminary discussions are underway in the event of additional withholdings and include consideration of a student fee surcharge in the spring. Be aware that we are doing the best we can to keep you informed. Carter reported confusion in distributing the Faculty Evaluation Task Force report. Some believed it was a done deal. It is not a done deal. The chairs were asked to collect information from the faculty about that proposal, due Oct. 1. Then it will be taken it to a task force on merit pay; George Wilson will chair this committee. Carter cannot announce the members of this task force because the letters just went out. Nominations for this committee were agreed upon by the EC and Carter with the recommendations approved by Patton. Carter announced that Educational Leadership received accreditation for its Master of Science and Ed.S. degrees in school administration and educational leadership. In addition, the Association of Childhood Education International has accredited the Elementary Education program. Carter announced the initiatives of the Center for Teaching and Learning under David Rice and the efforts to develop emphasis on the scholarship of teaching. Provost Carter encourages involvement in this activity. Major accreditation coming up from the Higher Learning Commission. The HLC will be visiting CMSU in the winter of 2004. Elaine Frank-Ragan is hosting a kick off on September 23 at 3 p.m. in Hendricks Hall.

Associate Provost Waller announced that a faculty GroupWise message went out a week ago asking faculty who were interested in the half-time reassignment to coordinate the activities of scholarship of engagement formerly service learning.

Myers referred to the printed reports from the President’s Extended Cabinet, Administrative Council and Academic Council, highlighting specific items: policies currently in the review process, change in the review process, and the Task Force on Evaluation report. That report will be forwarded to the Conference Committee that will develop the Merit Pay Proposal.

Eason referred to printed Council of Deans and Academic Affairs General Council reports. Contact Eason via email with questions.

Student Government Association President, Munatsi Manyande reported attending the Trustee Conference in Jefferson City. He expressed student concerns with the student ID# and point system in ordering food. Students have to give their SS# (student ID#) which is not something students want to do. SGA is working to give students the opportunity to change this number. Students feel they should change the whole policy. The SGA set-up a booth to answer questions and have students complete a survey. Manyande announced the SGA will be working to boost school spirit around campus and are open to suggestions. Manyande reported the SGA would be sending two students to the Students Association of Missouri Convention. SGA has not been a member of the Association and hopes to create a very loud voice in order for the SGA to place a bug in the Governor’s ear. Manyande reported the SGA is excited about initiatives with the Old Drum bus system.

Myers announced Jim Staab was unanimously elected by the FS Executive Committee to serve as the FS Parliamentarian and thanked him for his third year of service in that position.

Myers reported the President’s summer retreat was held on June 20 with focus on creating a Campus Diversity Plan. A writing team has been established. Their first meeting is September 25; team will write a draft text with goal to have approved plan later this spring. Myers announced special elections are in progress and will be completed, September 19 in all but one College. The Harmon College of Business Administration will be completed September 26. Myers reported that the 2001-2002 FS Motion/Responses would be reported at the next FS meeting.

Myers reported on faculty service during the summer. A search committee was formed for Director of Institutional Research to replaced Don Nimmer. Jinhua Tao is serving on the search committee. Council of Deans had a workday to develop an on-line course proposal checklist Matt Thomas, Marilyn Grechus , Cheryl Eason and Myers participated. Myers announced the Market Adjustment Review Panel gave a report to the BOG today. Two faculty served on this panel. Morgan asked who served. Faculty members were Janet Bonsall and Shing So. Myers reported there are errors on the FS web site. Hayward will be making updates in the next two weeks. Please contact the FS Office of any changes. Myers announced the next University General Faculty meeting will be November 6 not November 20.

Eason referred to the nominations made by the FS Committee on Committees for vacant faculty positions on Committees. Molly Dinwiddie for the Graduate Council was withdrawn due to change in the Graduate Council charges. Duane Lundervold as an at-large position on the Human Subjects Committee, Ann Powell-Brown from EHS to the Scholarship & Awards Advisory Committee and George Sesser as an at-large position on the Traffic Review Board. All were approved unanimously.

Myers announced the CBHE has mandated testing the General Education component for all MO institutions. The University Assessment Council made the decision to use C-BASE test. Grelle reported every institution had to assess competencies listed under each outcome. Grelle explained that the University had to identify its test late spring in order to meet CBHE mandates. Atkinson asked how many forms exist? Grelle said there are several forms but did not know exactly the form used for general education and would check into. In response to Neal, Grelle stated the test would be offered 16 times each semester, to offer it once a week. Sarkar asked how many competencies are being met with the C-Base? Grelle responded there are several of them but that some areas were not being met such as managing information, oral communication, humanities, fine arts and valuing. The English department is going to revise the writing assessment and include an assessment of valuing. Sarkar expressed his concern about assessment for transferred students. Grelle responded if they enter under 60 hours and take courses that push them over 60 hours we are assessing them. In response to Palmer, Grelle stated the CBHE directed each institution to post their plan the first week of May and implement it this fall. Palmer stated that it needed to come before the Faculty Senate then go on to the rest of the administration. Provost Carter responded there are certain things we have to respond to very quickly no one wants to go around the governance process. Regarding assessment right now, we do not know what needs to go through the FS. There is a policy in our catalog that students can be assessed. We need to decide what things need to come through the FS that’s a policy issue and what things are already decided that should be done administratively. Myers stated it is clear that the FS University Assessment Committee does report to the FS. Myers recognized that effort was made to get this item on the agenda at an earlier date but the information should have been delivered to the FS.

Carol Nimmer addressed any concerns on the writing of the Strategic Plan from the SPRC. In response to Morgan, Nimmer stated between now and October the Strategic Plan will be updated and corrected and that updates could be emailed to her. In response to Atkinson, Provost Carter shared there is a strategic direction in the student life section also in enrollment management. Eason stated groups that would examine our strategic plan outside the university would not readily find a focus on diversity. Eason suggested the plan include not just ethnic diversity but individuals with disabilities. Eason encouraged caucuses to share their input.

Myers reported need for a special meeting October 23, to address any comments that may be received from President Patton on action the FS may take on the Faculty Compensation Implementation Plan. Myers reported on EC efforts to create a Conference Committee to develop the Merit Pay Proposal. Letters were sent out Thursday, September 12; once members agree to serve they will be identified.
Myers referred to the Faculty Compensation Proposal. Any changes will have to go before the FS during the October 9 meeting. Any motions have to be received in the Faculty Senate office no later than October 2, 2002.

Dean Wilson answered concerns on the Faculty Compensation Proposal. Provost Carter gave a friendly suggestion when deliberations begin on this document become familiar with the policy of BOG and use the Tracking Function on Microsoft Word.

In reference to the second part of the charge of the Faculty Compensation Proposal, Myers reported that the EC was to work with Provost Carter to appoint a Merit Conference Committee charged with developing a merit pay system. A time-line is being developed that will provide an opportunity for review through existing FS Committees before the proposal reaches the FS. Work on the document is to be completed before the end of this academic year.

Myers announced the budget outlook is bleak and the institution is being proactive, as budget managers are required to encumber 10% of their budget in the event of additional withholdings. Provost Carter is acquiring a video that will explain the budget situation in MO. Myers reported without any changes in our health benefit plan premiums would increase by 53% in January. President Patton has formed a committee to review health benefits. Provost Carter stated we are in the process of evaluating whether we should continue with the benefits group and are looking into alternative providers.

Myers announced Higher Learning Commission Kick Off, September 23 at 3pm in Hendricks Hall.

Myers announced the Center for Teaching and Learning Grand Opening scheduled for September 30 at 3 p.m. with comments from President Patton at 4 p.m.

Atkinson moved to adjourn. The meeting was adjourned at 4:55pm

Chris Hayward
Faculty Senate Office Professional

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