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Dual Admission College

What is Dual Admissions?

Dual admission is designed for community college students who plan to receive an associate degree and continue on for their bachelor's degree. This will make sure you are on the right track for academic planning. Dual admitted students will receive advisement from UCM concerning their progression toward degree completion.   An updated degree audit will be made available in MyCentral. Each dual admitted student can receive, if they choose, a UCM ID card providing students with access to athletic events, the library and cultural events.

How does Dual Admissions work?

A student who is admitted to a community college may apply to UCM for dual admission by submitting a completed admissions application. We also require proof of community college enrollment. If you have recently enrolled in your first semester at community college, you can submit your course schedule to us via e-mail at For students with completed community college coursework, an unofficial transcript can be submitted.

When a dual admit student is a year out from fully transferring to UCM, he or she should let the UCM Office of Admissions know. They can do this by email, phone call or application to the Office of Admissions as a transfer student. .

Financial Aid

Dual admitted students are pursuing their associate degree from their two year institution, thus receiving financial aid through their "home institution." Dual admit student will not receive aid through UCM until they are ready to fully transfer and begin as a degree seeking student at UCM. At the time of transfer, they will notify UCM of their transfer and complete/update their FAFSA with UCM's school code of 002454.

Special Issues

The dual admitted student must understand that admission to the university does not mean admission to all programs. Upon transition to a degree seeking student, admissibility requirements will be evaluated; dual admission status does not guarantee admission as a transfer student. Some programs have special admittance requirements that are noted in the UCM catalog.   The dual admissions category is non-degree seeking. Dual admitted students will be encouraged to send unofficial transcripts upon the completion of each semester so their Central Degree Audit will be updated. The University of Central Missouri uses the DegreeWorks software from Ellucian. It is used as an academic planning tool for students and academic advisors. Dual admitted students must contact their academic advisor at UCM each semester prior to enrolling in a course at UCM. 


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