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Non Degree Seeking Students


Student Type

Visiting College Student: You’re currently attending another college or university, but you want to attend Central Missouri for a semester and then transfer back to your home institution. No official transcripts or application fees required. When completing your application you will select undgraduate student, then non-degree seeking, and ultimately visiting college student.  You will be required to provide an unofficial transcript to ensure prerequisites are met before taking a UCM course.  Contact extended studies at 660-543-4984 or email

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Visiting High School Student: You’re currently a high school junior or senior who has permission to enroll in a limited number of university-level courses. You must apply for admission but you are not required to pay the $30 application fee.  Once you decide to apply you will select the undergraduate application, select non-degree seeking, and then special credit.  

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Audit: You would like to take a class for no grade or no credit.  Regular fees and enrollment procedures are required.  You must apply for admission and pay the $30 application fee.  Be sure to indicate audit on your application.  No transcripts are needed.  Courses taken as an audit must be so designated prior to the final date for changing class schedules as announced in the official calendar. 

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Special Credit: You would like to take a class or two but do not want to pursue a degree.  You must apply through admissions but you do not have to pay the $30.00 application fee.  No transcripts are needed.  Special credit applicants can be undergraduate or graduate students.   Undergraduate students once you complete an account, self identify as non-degree seeking and then select special credit.  Graduate students, self identify as special credit.  If you have any questions plese contact extended studies at 660-543-4984 or email

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