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Military and Veteran Advisory Board

The Military and Veteran Advisory Board consists of faculty and staff that are dedicated to support our military affiliated students on campus. Our mission is to advocate for these students by change and improvement of policies, creating innovative practices to better support students, and for the voice of these students to be active on campus and within the community. 


Next Meeting will be: TBA


Current board members:

Courtney Swoboda, Director of Military and Veteran Services (Veteran)

Vanessa Michel, Coordinator of Certifications and Academic Transition (Dependent)

Jeremiah Robinson, Assistant Director of Outdoor Education (Veteran)

Dawn Willbanks, Office Professional, School of Public Services (Veteran and Dependent)

Michael Minzey, Instructor Computer Science - School of Computer Science and Mathematics (Veteran)

Joanne Kurt-Hilditch, Senior Director - Missouri Safety Center (Dependent)

David Jupp, Assistant Professor - School of Aviation (Veteran)

Michelle Conrad, Associate Professor, CTE & CSPA

Shawn Bentley, Information Technology Program Coordinator/Instructor (Veteran)

Monica Huffman, Executive Assistant to the President/Assistant Board Secretary (Veteran)

Shari Garber Bax, Vice President of Student Experience and Engagement (Veteran and Dependent)

Vicki Orcutt, Director of Academic Outreach (Veteran and Dependent)

Matthew Eck, Professor of Creative Writing (Veteran)

Charissa Davis,  Assistant Director - Financial Aid (Dependent)

Lynn S. Urban, Ph.D.  Chair of the School of Public Services (Dependent)

Paul Plummer, Assistant Instructor of  Statistics (Veteran)

John Wolfmeyer, Recruiting Operations Officer (Veteran)

Courtney L. Irvine, Whiteman Site Coordinator



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