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Financing Your Education

Invest in Your Future

Whether you want to obtain an undergraduate or graduate degree, pursuing an education is an investment in your future. At the University of Central Missouri, 97 percent of our students receive some type of financial aid. From applying for federal financial aid  to making decisions about your financial aid award, you can count on our dedicated Student Financial Services staff to provide the resources you need to make informed decisions. 

Apply for Financial Aid

Our expert Student Financial Services staff will help you understand the financial aid process, from completing the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) to deciding about loans.  Learn more

Understand Your Options

Find out what types of aid you may be eligible to receive based on your FAFSA, from grants to loans to work-study funds.

Seek Scholarships

Our Red and Black scholarship is just one example of the scholarships you may be eligible for when you choose Opportunity in Action for your education.

Business Class

Affordable Education

UCM is one of the most affordable universities in the country because we work hard to keep your tuition and other costs low.

Learn more

Students Studying

Resources for Success

Our office will help prepare you for financial success—before, during and after UCM. Explore our financial outreach and literacy resources.

Learn more

Reach Out

Reach Out

You can contact our Student Financial Services office if you have questions about financing your education at UCM.

Contact us


Family Information

As a parent or guardian you likely have many questions about the financial end of your student’s education. Get started by learning about the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) and become familiar with recurring dates and deadlines.  

Supporting your student doesn’t end once classes start. Your influence and knowledge of student resources available at UCM contribute to their success. If you have questions please let us know. We’re here to help.  

Parent PLUS Loan Information

Parent PLUS Loan Application Information and Process

Information about the Parent PLUS Loan for Undergraduate, dependent students can be found on the Admitted Student Information page and Federal Student Aid.  If you’re applying for a Parent PLUS Loan, the video below will provide important tips and walk you through the application process. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I apply for financial aid?

To apply for financial assistance to help you attend the University of Central Missouri, follow these steps:

Am I eligible for financial aid?

Learn more about eligibility requirements.

How much financial aid will I get?

After you are admitted and your FAFSA is processed, you will receive an award notification directing you to MyCentral. Your individual aid package will include all funding you are eligible for through UCM. 

Where do I find the financial aid forms I need?

Visit the Financial Aid Forms page.

How do I get a tax return transcript?

In order to provide Student Financial Services an IRS version of your tax return transcript, you can:

  • Call it in: 1-800-908-9946
    • Enter your Social Security Number
    • Enter the house number only of your address
    • Choose "Tax Return Transcript"
    • Send it to SFS when you receive it--be sure to put the student's 700# on it  (expect it to arrive in 5-10 days).
  • Order it to be mailed: Visit the IRS "Get Transcript" page and follow the "Get Transcript by MAIL" prompts.
  • Download it online: Visit the IRS "Get Transcript" page and follow the "Get Transcript ONLINE" prompts.

Questions or concerns?  Visit the IRS website to chat with a representative or to email a question or comment.

Please note: Victims of identity theft will receive an online message or letter (if requesting by mail) that will provide specific instructions to request a transcript. Learn more about protecting your identity.

What are Parent Loans?

A Federal Parent PLUS is a loan funded by the federal government and is available only to biological or adoptive parents of undergraduate FAFSA applicants who are classified as dependent and who are enrolled at least half-time. The loan is to help pay for educational expenses up to the cost of attendance minus all other financial assistance.

Parents completing an electronic PLUS Master Promissory Note (MPN) or Direct PLUS Loan Request must use their own FSA ID, and not their child's FSA ID. Please visit Federal Student Aid for additional information or Student Loans to apply for the Parent PLUS Loan.

Parents with an adverse credit history may be denied the PLUS loan. In this case, you may pursue the following options:

  • Do not pursue the loan. (The student may be eligible to receive additional Stafford loans.)
  • Obtain an endorser. (The parent may find a credit-worthy individual to co-sign the loan.)
  • Appeal the decision. (Supply documentation to the U.S. Department of Education to request the loan to be approved based on extenuating circumstances related to your adverse credit history. If the appeal is approved, you are required to complete PLUS Counseling at Student Loans before the loan may be certified.

How do I apply for the Parent Loan?

First time borrowers must submit a Direct PLUS Loan Request at Student Loans using their own FSA ID, not their child's FSA ID. If the loan is approved, and the Parent would like the loan to pay toward the student's educational expenses, a Master Promissory Note (MPN) must also be completed at Student Loans. Learn more.

What are Private Educational or Alternative Loans?

Private Educational (Alternative) Loans are non-need-based programs that can help bridge the gap between the total cost a student incurs to attend UCM and the funding being received from federal, state and other financial aid programs. Learn more.

What is the difference between a subsidized and unsubsidized loan?

Learn more about these loans at

What is verification?

In accordance with federal financial aid regulations, the data entered on the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) by many federal aid applicants must be verified for accuracy. The U.S. Department of Education randomly selects the majority of the FAFSA applicants who are required to undergo Verification. However, the UCM Office of Student Financial Services also has the authority to select applicants, and is the office that actually conducts the Verification process. If you're selected for FAFSA Verification, your eligibility for federal financial assistance for the award period will be finalized after this process has been completed.

If FAFSA Verification is required, you'll be contacted by the UCM Office of Student Financial Services, and advised of the documents that must be submitted and/or action(s) that must be taken. Read more about required verification documentation on the Financial Aid Policies page 

Are there scholarships for International Students?

Information regarding UCM scholarships for international students is available through International Admissions and UCM Scholarship Finder, the University's online scholarship application.

Can students from other countries get U.S. Financial Aid?

Federal Aid is dependent on your citizenship or immigration status. Visit Federal Student Aid to learn more about qualifying for student aid as a non-U.S. citizen.

How do I find a scholarship for my major?

Information regarding UCM Alumni Foundation scholarships is available through the UCM Scholarship Finder, the University's online scholarship application. Learn more.

How do I apply for a UCM Freshman Scholarship?

Your high school transcript and the information you provide on University of Central Missouri's application for admission are reviewed to determine your eligibility for freshman academic scholarships. You must submit the online scholarship application to be considered for UCM’s Missouri Boys State/Girls State Scholarship and UCM Alumni Foundation Scholarships.

Where can I find more scholarships to apply for?

Visit our external scholarships page to learn more.

What do I do if I receive a scholarship check?

Complete details on how to submit your off-campus scholarship check(s) are located on our scholarships page.

Are scholarships available for transfer students?

Students transferring from an accredited 4-year or 2-year, private or public college or university may be considered for a scholarship. Learn more.

Do I have to be a full-time student to receive a UCM Scholarship?

Most of the UCM scholarships require full-time enrollment (earning a minimum of twelve undergraduate hours per semester at UCM). However, if otherwise eligible, you may be enrolled in less than twelve hours and receive a proportional amount of the award value under the following conditions:

  • Be enrolled in a University-approved off-campus internship
  • Be a last semester senior completing a degree program

What if I improve my high school GPA or ACT score (incoming Freshmen)?

Your scholarship eligibility will be reconsidered if your 7th semester high school cumulative gpa is higher than your 6th semester and/or your ACT composite score improves on or before the April national ACT test. Please note: Scholarship reconsideration is contingent upon receipt of your official 7th semester high school transcript and/or the receipt of your official ACT scores by the Office of Admissions, University of Central Missouri, Ward Edwards 1401, Warrensburg, MO 64093.

Can conduct affect my UCM scholarship eligibility?

Scholarships may be reduced or cancelled if the recipient fraudulently misrepresents any information or engages in serious misconduct warranting substantial disciplinary penalty.

Can I send my forms to SFS electronically?

You may fax forms and documents to (660) 543-8080 or contact our office at (660) 543-8266 to receive an email address that accepts attachments.



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