UCM Fraternity Complex


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Fraternity Complex


Fraternity Complex

The Fraternity Complex has the capacity to house eight chapters. The building is a specially designed octagon-shaped building that is split into eight different "units," which provides each chapter with a private entrance.

Fraternity Complex

Hall Accommodations

  • All male

  • Houses 8 fraternities

  • Each unit is decorated by each chapter

  • Each chapter has a private entrance

  • Kitchenette located on lower level

  • Laundry facilities in the complex (free of charge)

  • Recreational areas on site including basketball courts and tennis courts

  • Shared common-area bathrooms
Fraternity Complex

Room Features

  • Updated bedroom furniture 

  • Two twin beds

  • One shared dresser

  • Two desks, two chairs

  • Cable television hook-up (free service)

  • Ethernet and Wi-Fi hook up

  • Close proximity to chapter rooms/spaces

Nearby Academic Buildings


Houses classes in English, Communication, History, Anthropology, Modern Languages, and Sociology.

W.C. Morris

Houses classes in Biology, Chemistry, Geoscience, and Chemistry.


Houses Military Science & Leadership/ROTC, Criminal Justice, Safety Science, and Crisis and Disaster Management programs.

Ward Edwards

Houses the Harmon College of Business and Professional Studies.


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