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PBS TeacherLine

Public Broadcasting Service is a recognized leader in the industry for delivering high-quality, standards-based professional opportunities for teachers.  Through an online format, UCM's Online and Learning Engagement and PBS TeacherLine have partnered to offer educators the opportunity to receive graduate credits.

To earn UCM graduate credit for PBS TeacherLine courses follow the three steps below:  


1.  Visit PBS TeacherLine to browse the catalog for the course you would like to take.

2.  Choose your course and register through PBS TeacherLine.

3.  After you have registered through PBS TeacherLine, register for UCM's graduate credit. Please select Graduate Application and then create an account. Within the application, please select Special Credit and indicate PBS Teacherline.




UCM's graduate credit fee is an additional $125 per credit hour to the cost of the PBS TeacherLine course fee. PBS TeacherLine courses equivalences are:

  • 15 hour PBS course = one UCM credit hour
  • 30 hour PBS course = two UCM credit hours
  • 45 hour PBS course = three UCM credit hours

Enrollment forms must be received and fees paid prior to the end of the PBS class. Upon submission of the UCM graduate credit application, you will receive an email with payment instructions. Graduate credit registration will be completed after payment is received.



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