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Especially for Parents

Welcome to UCM! During First-Year Orientation and Enrollment, UCM offers family sessions on a variety of topics which will be helpful as your student makes their transition to college.  This page provides you with the sessions' descriptions and handouts. 

Click on any of the hyperlinks below to review the presentation that was presented during orientation.

Financing Your Education

Are you unsure about what it will really cost to attend UCM?  How much is tuition?...housing?...meal plan?...books and supplies?  How do I receive my financial aid? When do I get my bill for the fall semester?  When is payment due?  Is there a payment plan available?  Get the answers to these and all your other financial aid, scholarship, and payment questions at the "Financing Your Future" session.           


Have questions about your student’s new home away from home? What's provided in the room? What do we need to bring? When do we move them in? How does the meal plan work? When is the Dining Center open? This informational session lead by representatives from University Housing and Campus Dining Services will help answer these questions and many more.

Academic Support Services

Discover the variety of academic support services available that are designed to help your student make a smooth transition to college level academics. Questions related to Learning Communities, Writing Center, Learning Center, Supplemental Instruction, Learning Strategies, and tutoring will be answered.

Explore the many ways to assist your student in developing career decision-making skills and job search strategies that will lead to career success.  Also uncover the secrets to why over 96% of UCM graduates are employed six months following graduation.  Whether your student is trying to decide on a major or looking for part-time, internship, or full-time job opportunities, Career Services is here to help.


Two of the most important learning media your student will use in their University career.  This presentation will answer questions like:  How can your students save money with textbook rentals? When can students pick up their text books?  How can they pay for text books?  What computer connectivity is available in residence hall rooms?  What kind of computer should my student bring?  How many open computer labs are there for student use?  What telephone service is offered in the residence halls?

Fraternity and Sorority Life

Scholarship, Leadership, Service, Friendship and Education are the focus of the premier leadership opportunity at UCM.  Let us introduce to you what fraternity and sorority life has to offer your student and family.  Joining a fraternity or sorority is the easiest way to find a home away from home.

On-Campus Banking-

UCM partners with U.S. Bank to provide on-campus banking for students. In addition to having a branch on campus, U.S. Bank offers the OneCard Maxx. The UCM One Card Maxx combines the functions of a standard UCM One Card with the convenience of a U.S. Bank Visa debit card which can be used to make purchases anywhere Visa debit is accepted.