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Extended Studies

Humphreys 410
Warrensburg, MO 64093
Phone: 660-543-4984
Toll Free: 877-729-8266 ext 22

Steps to Declaring General Studies Major

  1. Visit with an academic advisor from the Office of Extended Studies to learn about the program.
  2. If you are interested in the program, the academic advisor will draft a General Studies contract.  Both you and the advisor will sign this contract.
  3. a.       If you are a current UCM student with a declared major, you will need to meet with the department chair of your existing major program for an exit interview.  They will sign your General Studies contract during this meeting.  After they sign it, bring the contract to the Registrar’s Office in Ward Edwards (WDE) room 1000.  Ask for a copy of the contract so that you have one!
    b.       If you are not a current UCM student or if you are UCM student but do not have a declared major, your academic advisor will send the contract directly to the Registrar’s Office.  Ask for a copy of the contract so that you have one!
  4. After the Registrar’s Office reviews your contract, they will send it to the Provost’s Office for the final signature (the Vice Provost).  After the Vice Provost signs your contract, you will receive a final copy via e-mail.  This will also be forwarded to the Registrar’s Office to become a part of your academic record and will be used to clear you for graduation.
  5. Be sure to apply for graduation one semester before you intend to finish the program, but make sure that your contract has all of the signatures prior to applying for graduation.
  6. If you change any of the courses on your contract, revisions will need to be approved.  Contact the Registrar’s Office if this occurs.

The General Studies contract must be signed and approved by:


The Provost's Office will e-mail you with a final signed contract after all signatures are obtained.

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