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Faculty Active in GIS

Dr. Keshav BhattaraiDr. Keshav Bhattarai

Dr. Keshav Bhattarai looks after the Spatial Data Analysis Computer Lab at UCM. He teaches Introduction to GIS, Advanced GIS, and Applications of GIS classes. In addition, Dr. Bhattarai uses GIS in teaching Cartography and Global Positioning System. He also teaches remote sensing and photo interpretations. He integrates GIS, remote sensing, GPS in transportation modeling, watershed modeling, change detections, crime mapping, urban planning, tourism, historical preservation, and mapping political boundaries. His students are engaged in urban growth analyses, location analysis, deforestation modeling, transportation and watershed modeling. His current research includes the applications of GIS to analyze the environmental and economic impacts of broiler litter uses in Louisiana, sustainability and environmental issues of biofuel energy, rapid urban growth and vulnerability in developing countries, spatial driving forces of deforestation in developing countries, state restructuring in Nepal using GIS and remote sensing, and crime mapping using GIS and high resolution remote sensing imagery. He is the coordinator of GIS Graduate Certificate at UCM.

Dr. Ho-Seop ChaDr. Ho-Seop Cha

Dr. Ho-Seop Cha's specialty area is quantitative analysis of geographical space. This broadly includes spatial optimization models, geospatial data analysis, Geographic Information Systems including customization of GIS, and spatial statistics. While he is very interested in quantitative methods, his research topic and teaching interest include various fields, such as transportation geography, world geography, cultural landscape, research methods, and specific regional geography, such as geography of Europe and Africa. Not only is he enthusiastic for his teaching subjects, but also he enjoys sharing various cultural and ethnic experiences with his students.

Dr. Vicki Jackson, Biology DepartmentDr. Vicki Jackson

Dr. Vicki Jackson is actively engaged in GIS research with several undergraduate students and graduate students at UCM. Students use GIS in order to understand man's impact on the distribution of wildlife. Dr. Jackson's dissertation involved the spatial analysis of critical habitat for ocelots in South Texas. She has recently engaged in GIS projects to a) determine the effects of fragmentation on prairie chicken stability, b) assess habitat parameters and modeling techniques for effectively predicting distribution of mammals in Missouri, and c) analyze deer-vehicle collisions.

Biology courses taught by Dr. Jackson that include a GIS component:

Carol SmithMs. Carol Smith

Carol Smith is Assistant Professor of Library Services/Business Librarian at the James C. Kirkpatrick Library. She earned a Graduate Certificate in Geographic Information Systems, University of Central Missouri in 2009, and coordinates the UCM GIS User Group. She is currently pursuing doctoral studies in Information Science & Learning Technologies at the University of Missouri-Columbia, where her research interests include GIS librarianship and geomarketing approaches to competitive business intelligence.