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GIS Courses at UCM

The following UCM courses either focus on GIS or include a strong GIS component:

GEOG 4210    Remote Sensing and Image Interpretation
Use of electromagnetic spectrum to obtain information on our environment. Emphasis includes visible spectrum (air photography), thermography, radar, and satellite imagery.

GEOG 4220    Geographic Information Systems I
Automated procedures for storage, analysis, and display of spatial information. Data bases, procurement of spatial information, data manipulation and display techniques, software systems and management issues.

GEOG 4221    Geographic Information Systems II

Advanced aspects of spatial analysis and modeling techniques utilizing polygon overlay, network analysis, grid and surface modeling, and programming. Emphasis on research and planning applications.

GEOG 5210    Problems in Geography       

An in-depth study of the major problems in regional and systematic geography.

GEOG 5221    Applications of GIS

Advanced aspects of GIS including polygon overlay, network analysis, classification of digital data by methods such as Principal Component Analysis, Parallel piped and Minimum Distance to Means Classifiers, Global Positioning Systems (GPS). Introduction to programming in Avenue.

BIOL 4012 Introduction to GIS Applications in Wildlife Sciences (Special Topics in Biology)
Taught by Dr. Victoria Jackson.

BIOL 5011 Landscape Ecology
Taught by Dr. Victoria Jackson.


To check whether a course is being offered in a given semester, please consult the UCM course schedule

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