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Graduate Student Association

The Graduate Student Association (GSA) was formed in 1990 to give graduate students a forum of their peers for discussion of issues concerning graduate students. The formulation of the group also gives graduate students an opportunity to be recognized on campus.

All graduate students actively enrolled are automatically members of the GSA.

The purpose of this organization is:
1) To provide a forum for discussion of matters of interest to graduate students.
2) To provide a source for nominations of graduate students to college and university committees, including the Graduate Council.
3) To provide an official and representative organization with whom organizations may consult on issues affecting graduate students.
4) To provide opportunities for social activity in an effort to create a sense of community.
5) To provide the opportunity to initiate programs, workshops, and meetings relevant to the graduate experience.
6) To support the academic, professional, and personal needs of graduate students.

GSA Constitution (PDF document).

One project completed in 2012 by the GSA was intended to address item 6 above. It is an interview with Dr. David Kreiner and in it you will learn some valuable tips for getting research published. Check out the video.