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Thesis Workshop Video

Thesis Workshop Video


Purpose of the Thesis

Research is an essential part of graduate education.  All graduate students should become knowledgeable about research in their particular fields of study and should engage in the process of conducting, analyzing, interpreting, and reporting their own personal research.  The fulfillment of a thesis requirement is a distinct advantage to students who plan to do additional graduate study or to work in certain fields of employment.

A thesis is the result of research, scholarly, or creative activity that gives evidence of independent, critical, and creative investigation.  The thesis demonstrates the ability to define and develop a problem; to understand and synthesize relevant literature; to use appropriate methodology; to analyze and interpret data; and to draw reasonable conclusions based on the investigation.

Graduate Student Responsibilities

Admission to graduate studies and graduate programs at Central and the pursuit of a graduate degree presume a degree of initiative on the part of the graduate student.  Graduate students assume responsibility for engaging in intellectual activities at the graduate level as well as responsibility for complying with all policies and procedures as set forth in the Graduate Catalog, in this manual, and in college and departmental regulations.

Requirements will not be waived, and exceptions will not be granted because of ignorance of policies, requirements, or procedures for graduate study at Central.  The responsibility to adhere to the policies and procedures as stated in the Graduate Catalog and in this manual lies with the student.

Manual and Forms

Electronic copy of thesis manual.

Application for an External Thesis Committee Member must be submitted to Graduate Studies for approval before an indivividual external to UCM may serve on a graduate thesis committee.

Thesis advisors ensure that the thesis represents a substantial scholarly contribution in the discipline, and will use the Checklist for Thesis Advisors as a guide before the thesis committee members and the department chair sign the Transmittal Form.

Approval by Graduate Studies

Upon final approval of the thesis by the thesis committee and department chair, you must submit electronically the thesis and submit paper/hard copies of the completed Transmittal Form, Publication Agreement Form and copies of approved Human Subjects Review form or notice of the Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee’s approval. In order to recieve your degree on time, the manuscript, transmittal form and publication agreement must be submitted to the Graduate Education and Research office the Monday BEFORE finals week by 5 p.m. This submission deadline allows time for full review of the thesis and required paperwork as well as any required edits on the student's behalf.


Summer 2017 - July 24th, 2017

Fall 2017 - November 27th, 2017


Spring 2018 - April 23rd, 2018

Summer 2018 - July 23rd, 2018

Fall 2018 - November 26th, 2018


Graduate Studies will check the manuscript for:

  • compliance with UCM Thesis Manual guidelines as evidenced by signatures from your committee and department chair;
  • compliance with Human Subjects Review or Animal Care and Use requirements.

Inclusion into UCM CENTRALspace Repository

Graduate Studies, in collaboration with the JCKL Library will be responsible to create and maintain a system for the electronic submission and storage of electronic theses. Once a thesis has been approved and submitted to the JCKL Library, no changes are allowed to the document.