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How to Apply

Submit the Scholarly Activity Fund application, along with supporting documentation to WDE 1900.  Department chairs and college deans assume the responsibility for verifying the supporting documentation. If the purpose of the proposed travel does not meet the criteria for any of the supported categories, or if the supporting documentation is inadequate, the application will not be processed. Applications should be submitted at least 10 business days before the travel date. You will receive a memo indicating the funding decision within about one week after your application is received. If there is a problem with your application, you will receive notification through email.

Please notify the Scholarly Activity Fund at WDE 1900 or 660.543.4729, whenever significant changes or cancellation of travel plans occur. This allows for the reallocation of unused funds to other faculty members needing travel support. Transfer of allocated funds to other faculty and/or for other meetings is not allowed.

Funding is limited to $600 per faculty member in any fiscal year. This funding may be applied to more than one trip as long as a separate application is submitted for each trip. The total amount funded will not be more than $600 per fiscal year. The fiscal year begins July1.

For a single paper, presentation, exhibit, or performance involving multiple authors/presenters, a maximum of $1,200 will be allocated, to be divided among the co-presenters. If there are only two co-presenters, then each is eligible for the full $600, but if there are three co-presenters, each is eligible for only $400, etc. For papers/presentations with two or more authors/presenters, all participants requesting funding must submit their applications at the same time.

Funding Categories and Documentation

Travel funds support full-time faculty that are benefit eligible who must travel to perform scholarly activities at state, regional, national, or international professional meetings.

Category 1- Meeting Presentation, Performance or Exhibition

Presentation - Paper, Poster, Academic Exhibit or Workshop

Documentation required:

  • A copy of the acceptance notification
  • A description of the selection process
  • An abstract of the paper/poster or description of the exhibit/workshop

Category 2 - Meeting Facilitation

Professional Duties or National Officer Duties

Documentation required:

  • A description of the selection process, duties, and responsibilities
  • A statement identifying the nature of panel/session or exhibition

Category 3 - 1st and 2nd Year Faculty Member (Attendance at Conference) 

Discipline-related meetings of any faculty member within their first two years of full-time faculty status

Documentation required:

  • Statement Indicating date of full-time status
  • Conference brochure or flyer

International Travel Funding

Under the auspices of Graduate Education and Research,UCM has established a designated fund to assist in supporting international travel for faculty/professional staff. Financial support for international travel for scholarly activity will not exceed $750 over two fiscal years. These funds may be in addition to travel support received from the Scholarly Activity Fund.

Faculty members seeking funding for international travel may indicate their request on the Scholarly Activity Fund application. An additional $600 maximum can be requested from the Scholarly Activity Fund on the same application.

Faculty members seeking funding for international travel which falls outside of the categories supported by the Scholarly Activity Fund should submit a letter of application directly to the Director of Graduate Education and Research.