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Graduate Symposium

Graduate Research Symposium
Submission Deadline
5 p.m. Feb. 12

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2014-15 Graduate - Cost of Attendance Per Semester


In-State ($276.25/hour)
Out-of-State ($552.50/hour)

Approximate # of Credit Hours (12 avg)

Scholarships & Financial Aid Received Per Semester


International students should use this cost calculator.

Cost Worksheet

Semester Costs
Instructional Fees $0.00
General Fees $0.00
Textbook Costs $0.00
Student Rec Center $0.00
TOTAL $0.00
Subtract Scholarships $0.00

Based on your entries, your estimated ANNUAL TOTAL is $0.00

A $50 new student fee will be charged to all incoming students on their first bill.

Go here for our calculator for online / hybrid classes.

More information on costs