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Graduate Assistantships

Several types of graduate assistantships are available (teaching, laboratory, research, administrative, student affairs).

To apply for an assistantship please visit our hiring website and complete the online application.


2. Upload official transcripts from all institutions.

3. Upload recommendation letters from three references

Each department interviews and appoints their own graduate assistant(s).

The minimum requirements are an undegraduate 2.70 GPA or a graduate 3.0 GPA in nine hours. Students must be admitted to a graduate degree program at UCM and enrolled in a minimum of six graduate credits but no more than 12 hours. Meeting these requirements does not guarantee that you will receive an assistantship. The application process is competitive and your selection will depend on how well your qualifications match the duties of the assistantship for which you are applying.

The stipend for a full-time Graduate Assistant (20 hours per week) is $3,750 per semester or $7,500 for two semesters. Full-time assistants are eligible for a scholarship covering up to $2800 tuition, $2,450 non-resident tuition, and $363 mandatory fees. (The scholarship only covers courses taken for graduate credit)

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