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Dropping or Adding Courses

Once the semester starts, any changes in your schedule should be made during the Drop/Add period. Please note that the Drop/Add period is different for summer sessions and for courses on variant schedules.

Refund deadlines vary per class based on the start and end dates of the course. Students should consult the dates available in MyCentral for the specific refund deadlines for each of their courses. These are available in the "Student Services" tab, at the "Check Refunds Dates" link.

You can drop and add courses online through MyCentral or contact Graduate Studies to process schedule changes. Always check with your advisor before making changes in your schedule.

Alway check your schedule through MyCentral to ensure you are enrolled in the appropriate courses, failure to do so could negatively impact your grades.



After the Drop/Add period is over, you can withdraw from classes in accordance with UCM’s tuition/fee refund policy.

A refund of tuition/fees will be processed for you in accordance with the date you withdrew from the class and UCM’s tuition/fee refund policy. The class will remain on your schedule for the semester with a grade of W, WP, or WF.

Please be advised that if you stop attending one or more of the class(es) you enrolled for, you're defined as having withdrawn from the classes(es) as of the date you stop attending (for purposes of determining if financial aid adjustments are required). Be sure to officially withdraw from any class you stop attending. Otherwise, you'll be responsible for payment of a higher-than-necessary amount of tuition/fees and you'll likely receive a grade(s) of F.

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