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Important Documents


You should have a copy of the current Graduate Catalog, which contains important information about graduate programs and courses, as well as the official rules and requirements for graduate education at UCM.

You should also have a copy of UCM's Student Handbook , which lists important dates and deadlines.

You may pick up your copy of the UCM Student Handbook from the Division of Student Affairs, located on the second floor of the Administration Building, Room  214.

Make sure that you get your student ID card at the Information Desk in the Elliott Student Union.  You will need your ID in order to purchase books at the University Bookstore, borrow books from the library, and for other important functions.

If you have an appointment as a Graduate Assistant, you should have a copy of the Graduate Assistant Handbook. If you do not have a copy of the Graduate Assistant Handbook, please obtain one from the Graduate School in Ward Edwards 1800.

Your graduate program may include a thesis requirement or option. If that is the case, you should obtain a copy of UCM's Thesis Manual. This manual also may be obtained by visiting the Graduate School in Ward Edwards 1800.

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