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Enrollment Tips

1. Full time enrollment for a graduate student is 9 or more semester hours of graduate credit during the fall and spring semesters or 6 hours during the summer session. The average enrollment for graduate students is 12 hours per semester.

2. You are allowed to enroll in a maximum of 16 hours per semester, including both graduate and undergraduate level courses. Graduate coursework is more intensive and time-consuming than undergraduate coursework, so plan accordingly. If your GPA falls below an overall 3.0, you will be placed on academic probation and put your degree in jeopardy. (See the Grades section of this tutorial for more information about academic probation).

3. If you are a full-time Graduate Assistant, you may enroll in a maximum of 12 semester hours in the fall and spring semesters. (But remember that a maximum of 10 hours of graduate credit will be covered by your assistantship.)You must be enrolled in at least 6 hours of graduate coursework to be eligible for a graduate assistantship position.

4. Make sure you meet the prerequisites for a course before you attempt to enroll.  Check the catalog listing for your degree program and talk to your graduate advisor to be sure you are enrolling in appropriate courses.

5. Some courses are offered for either undergraduate or graduate credit, and you must select the appropriate option when you enroll. If you enroll incorrectly, you will not be able to change your enrollment status once the drop/add deadline passes.  Please call Graduate Studies for assistance at 660-543-4621 if you have enrolled incorrectly.

6. Check with your department to determine course offerings since many graduate courses are only offered only once per year or every other year.

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