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UCM Human Subjects - Institutional Review Board (IRB)

Human Subjects process at UCM:


The Strategic Positioning Platform for Scholarship at UCM - This document represents the value of student-centered scholarship as defined by the research committees at UCM. By using scholarship, students at UCM are "Learning to a Greater Degree".

The Process

1. Applications are submitted by the Principal Investigator to the IRB through the community group site on Blackboard. Go to the community tab using either the Organization Search or Organization Catalog modules. Once located, click the drop down next to the Human Subjects Committee and select Enroll.

Go to the application tab and find the application type you are submitting. Attach the application as well as materials including surveys, consent, letters of permission and recruitment wording. Student researchers are to email their advisor a copy of the application. You will see your submission posted in the gradebook. Reviewers' decisions generally take about two weeks.

2. CITI Responsible Conduct of Research (RCR) training certificate is required prior to approval. The new RCR basic course is the course required.

3. When you have completed the study or are renewing, complete this: Project Status Form. It documents the number of subjects and any adverse events the subjects experienced.

(If you are not currently enrolled in courses but are working on your thesis, please contact the Graduate School to enroll in GRAD 5001. This will give you Blackboard system access.)


Not Human Subjects Research Determination - This form determines whether or not an IRB review is required. A formal "not human subjects determination" letter will be sent if approved.

Exempt Application  - Exempt research is where the subjects are usually anonymous, no intervention and minimal risk.

Expedited Review Application - These are typically for research which has identifiable information, an intervention and minimal risk. Click for categories of research that may have an expedited review.

Full Review Application - Full reviews address research that is associated with greater than minimal risks or includes protected populations including minors, pregnant women, fetuses or prisoners. The IRB offers assistance prior to this type of submission. This is due 5 days before the meeting dates listed below (see meeting schedule).

Amendments - minor amendments are typically handled through a written request posted on Blackboard. For major changes please contact

Renewals - If there are no changes, resubmission of old forms to Blackboard are needed in order to evaluate these against current regulations and policies. If amending and renewing, an amendment first and renewal second are suggested.

Upon approval of the application, the IRB staff will email you an official approval.





Informed Consent Templates

Consent This template meets federal requirements 45 CFR 46 Section 116.

Consent for Internet-based surveys This template may be helpful for research involving online surveys.

Assent This form should be modified in language written to the age of the child. Considerations include determining child's age, maturity, or psychological state.

In general:
Ages 5-7: Verbal assent - script required
Ages 8-12: Age and language appropriate written assent form
Ages 13-18: May separately sign the same as the parental permission form

Waiver or Modification of Informed Consent - Federal regulations permit the researcher to waive or alter the consent document under specific criteria. The waiver or alteration must be accompanied by adequate justification for the request.

Special Considerations

Permission to Conduct Research Off Campus

International Studies

Kinesiology Majors


Non UCM/External Student Research Requirements

Authorization Agreement

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Tips for Getting through the IRB

Meeting Schedule, Membership and Operations

The final meetings this semester are 4/3 (in DOC 107) and 4/17 at 1 pm in ADM 315. All applications and revisions must be completed by 5/1/15. There will be no online reviews Summer 2015.

Meeting schedule for Fall 2015 include: 8/28, 9/11, 9/25, 10/9, 10/23, 11/6, 11/20, 12/4 and Spring 2016 1/22, 2/5, 2/19, 3/4, 3/25, 4/8 and 4/22 and will be located in WDE 1550..

Members of the Human Subjects Committee

Official Charge

IRB Procedures

Reporting Concerns for Human Subjects Research

The UCM IRB recommends that concerns related to IRB first be discussed with one's supervisor, since many instances can be corrected within the research team. Alternatively, the IRB Compliance Officer may be contacted at

UCM Ethics Policy

Ethics Procedure

Whistleblower Procedures