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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I apply for international admissions? What are the...

admissions requirements?

-Submit an online application found at this link (
-Pay the $75 application fee (Non-Refundable)
-Prove English Proficiency
-Provide financial letter of support (form will be provided once you apply)
-Bank statement with adequate funds UCM program

What are the admissions deadlines for international applications?

All applicants should apply for admission and submit required supporting materials as early as possible. All supporting documents must be received before the relevent admissions deadlines listed below.

Fall Application Deadlines

  • Students coming from their home country July 1st
  • Transfer students  July 15th

Spring Application Deadlines

  • Students coming from their home country October 15th
  • Transfer students  December 1st.

Summer Application Deadlines (Intensive English Program, Computer Science,  Computer Information Systems & Information Technology, Technology, and Industrial Management)

  • Students coming from their home country April 1st
  • Transfer students May 1st

Undergraduate and IEP only students: Once these items are received and you application has been processed, the International Center will issue a letter of acceptance and I-20 within 7-12 business days.

Graduate Students: Once these items are received and you application has been processed, your information will be forwarded to the graduate program for acceptance. After the graduate program coordinator has made a decision, the International Center will issue a letter of acceptance and I-20 within 7-12 business days.

What if I do not have my own credit card?

Students who pay the application fee using a credit card that is not their own personal card will be taking the risk of the third party's card being fraudulent. Any payment that is found to be fraudulent will result in the student’s application not being processed until a successful payment is received. Money orders or checks can be made out to UCM - Graduate Studies and mailed to the following address:

Graduate & International Student Services

Univeristy of Central Missouri
Ward Edwards 1800
Warrensburg, MO 64093


Do freshman have to have their secondary education  diplomas/certificates...


No, you do not need to have your transcripts evaluated by an outside evaluation service.  We are performing in house evaluations for undergraduate students and you will not need to submit your transcripts to credential evaluatiors unless we request otherwise.


Official transcripts need to be sent to the following address:

Graduate & International Student Services

University of Central Missouri
Ward Edwards 1800
Warrensburg, MO 64093

Do I have to have my transcripts evaluated?

Graduate Students

Yes, your transcripts must be evaluated. To ensure a complete and timely processing of applications, you must contact our preferred credential evaluators (see below) directly and request a course-by-course and GPA evaluation. Having your educational experiences evaluated by a preferred credential evaluator will provide a more accurate assessment of your credentials and ensure a more streamlined application experience and admissions decision for you.

UCM's Preferred Credential Evaluators Include:


Educational Perspectives -

Educational Credential Evaluators -

Foreign Credits -

Global Education Group -

Institute of Foreign Credential Services-

World Education Services -


Undergraduate Students


No, you do not need to have your transcripts evaluated by an outside evaluation service.  We are performing in house evaluations for undergraduate students and you will not need to submit your transcripts to credential evaluatiors unless we request otherwise.


What transcripts are required?

Undergraduate Students: High School transcripts.

Undergraduate Transfer: High School transcripts and transcripts from all institutions attended. If 24 college credit hours have been completed at another university, high school transcripts are not needed.

Graduate Students: Transcripts from all prior colleges and universities attended, including undergraduate and/or graduate credit.

What is my application status?

Students can check their application status at any time by accessing their personalized URL (PURL). Your PURL is automatically emailed to the email address you provided on your application.

When does my PURL update?

PURLs update once the information you have provided has been reviewed by a member of our staff. Currently, the PURL does not update upon receipt of materials. This could take at least a week and longer during our high volume times.

Can I change my major?

Yes, undergraduates must receive adviser approval to change their major. Graduate Students are strongly cautioned when changing their major and it is recommended they visit with their adviser and Graduate Coordinator first. At the graduate level, when a student requests a change of major the student must be fully admitted into the other program and meet all of the other program’s admissions requirements. Students with a graduate UCM GPA must have a 3.0 or higher to request a change of major. Earned credit at UCM may not apply to the newly selected program and could delay the degree completion time; the cost of programs differ and changing majors could impact the overall tuition cost of your degree.

What if I need to reapply for a later admission term and come later?

Students who wish to reapply for a later admissions term will need to update their original application online with the same email address originally used to apply. Student will need to pay an additional (non-refundable) $75 US dollar application fee.

Are there any documents I should email or mail to the Graduate School?

No, all documents required for admissions can be uploaded in the student’s PURL. You
should not email or mail any documents to the Graduate School.

Do I need to take the GRE or GMAT?

Some graduate programs require the GRE or the GMAT for admissions; to find the programs with this requirement and the minimum scores visit this site:
If your program requires the GRE or GMAT, scores should be sent to Testing Services.

Can I send you a copy of my IELTS or TOEFL?

Unfortunately, we cannot accept IELTS or TOEFL score reports directly from students. For security purposes, you must request the electronic score report be sent directly from IELTS to the University of Central Missouri. We download the scores in batches. If your testing center does not have the capability of sending electronic scores, then have them send a paper copy directly to UCM at the address below. UCM requires an IELTS score of 6.0 for graduate students and 5.5 for undergradute students.   TOEFL exam score of 61 IBT or 500 PBT for undergraduates, 79 IBT or 550 PBT for graduates

University of Central Missouri
Testing Center
Humphreys 216
Warrensburg, MO 64093

I'm a gradaute student and I want to transfer to UCM,what if my GPA is below a 3.0?

You cannot transfer to UCM if your graduate GPA is below a 3.0  Graduate students attending another institution who wish to transfer to UCM must have a 3.0 graduate GPA.

I'm an undergradaute student and I want to transfer to UCM,what if my GPA is...

below a 2.0?

You cannot transfer to UCM if our undergradaute GPA is below a 2.0 .  Undergraduate students attending another institution who wish to transfer to UCM must have a 2.0 undergraduate GPA.

Can I transfer credits to UCM?

Credit from other universities can be used toward degrees at UCM, however it is not a guaranteed or automatic process; approvals are necessary.

Undergraduate credit advisers will review and apply transfer credit toward the general education requirements. Department chairs will review and apply credit toward the major requirements.

Graduate students must have approval from the adviser to apply transfer credit toward a degree and the adviser submits the request to the Graduate School for processing. The graduate catalog ( page 16 outlines the specific requirements for graduate transfer credit.

When will I receive an I-20?

Once a student has been fully admitted to UCM (including specific program admission for graduate students), the International Student Services will issue an official letter of acceptance and supporting VISA documents within 7-12 business days. Please contact the International Center at or 660.543.4092 if you have questions about your I-20.

Can I apply for summer admission?

Yes, currently we accept summer applications for the following programs: Intensive English Program, Computer Science, Computer Information Systems & Information Technology, Technology, and Industrial Management.

Note that deadlines for summer admission are April 1 for students coming from their home country and May 1 for transfer students.

Can I find information about admissions requirements from other websites,...

such as facebook?

Students should review use the UCM website ( int/) or contact the Graduate School and International Admissions staff for accurate admissions requirements. Information obtained from other sites aside from UCM is not guaranteed to be reliable.

Change of Status

Question: I want to apply for a change of status to F1. After I am approved, when can I apply
for CPT (or OPT)?
Answer: You must be enrolled full time for two academic semesters before you qualify to apply
for CPT or OPT. If you were enrolled full time on a previous visa type (like H4) you can apply
that time toward your two academic semester requirement.


Question: My friend says I can only take a job within 100 miles of UCM. Why is that?
Answer: CPT permits a student to work for academic credit anywhere in the United States. It's
possible this radius is set by your academic program. Please be in touch with your internship
instructor/Program Coordinator for more details. Also, please be sure to seek advice regarding
your F-1 status from our office, GISS, instead of taking advice from your friends.

Question: Can I change CPT employers if I receive a better offer?
Answer: No. CPT (Curricular Practical Training) is meant to enhance your academic program,
so you will not be authorized to change employers if you receive a more favorable job offer.
CPT is not to be used to position yourself for favorable OPT employment, as these two types of
work authorizations serve different purposes. Historically, students have only been permitted to
change CPT employers if the first employer files for bankruptcy or undergoes a major
organizational restructuring. Please refer to the CPT PowerPoint presentation posted on our
website for advice on selecting an employer that will fulfill CPT requirements.

On-Campus Employment

Question: I'm taking summer classes. How many hours can I work?
Answer: If you are taking less than a full-course load you can work 40 hours during the
Summer Break. If you are enrolled full-time then you may work only 20 hours.

Question: I'm not taking summer classes. Can I work on campus? How many hours?
Answer: Students are permitted to work up to 40 hours during long breaks: Summer, Winter,
Fall, and Spring. This does not apply to 3-day weekends.

Question: I'm graduating in May. Can I keep working my campus job in Summer until my OPT
Answer: No, once your program end date passes, you can not work again until OPT.

12-Month OPT

Question: I have a pending OPT application can I travel (out of the US) while my application is
Answer: Travel outside of the US while your 12 month OPT application or OPT STEM
Extension application is pending is not advised. It could be viewed as abandonment of your
OPT application. In addition, if your OPT is approved while you are out of the country, will may
be expected to provide your EAD card at the port of entry. We strongly recommend reviewing
the following webpage for more detailed information on travel outside of the US while on an F1

Question: I haven't received my receipt notice or any communication from USCIS and I
submitted my 12 Month OPT packet to USCIS 3 weeks ago and all my friends sent theirs the
same day as me and have gotten their receipt notice.
Answer: It usually takes 30 days before you are receipted but if you are concerned that your
application didn't reach USCIS you can call USCIS ( 1-800-375-5283) to see if they received it.

Question: I'm still waiting for my EAD card but my 60 day grace period is over. Am I still
allowed to stay for OPT?
Answer: As long as your application is pending with USCIS, you can stay in the US. The 60
day grace period is not relevant in this case.

Question: I'm still waiting for my EAD card but it's more than 90 days past my graduation. Is it
too much unemployed time?
Answer: Unemployment dates are only counted after the OPT period begins. They're
calculated based on the dates of the EAD card.

Question: When does OPT unemployment start accruing?
Answer: Days of unemployment only start accruing once your OPT has been approved. Your
F-1 status will remain active if USCIS receives your application up to 60 days after your program
end date. If you are unsure of whether you will be able to graduate this semester, waiting until
you know for certain to apply for OPT does not carry risks of falling out of status or gaining days
of unemployment.

Question: I can't submit an OPT offer letter because I'm working with the same company as my
Answer: CPT and OPT are completely different work authorizations. Please request an official
letter confirming the date you began working on OPT


Question: Why do I need to report my OPT employer to UCM if I have been their employee
since I began CPT? Why do I need to provide UCM with a new offer letter from this employer if I
never stopped working for them?
Answer: CPT is intended to enhance students' academic training, while OPT is intended for
professional training. Students who participate in OPT are not required to have done CPT. As
such, the two types of work authorization serve different purposes and appear as separate
entries on your I-20. Neither UCM nor USCIS can assume that students who participate in OPT
are working for their CPT employer. Furthermore, there is no guarantee that a student's OPT
will be authorized to begin the day after their CPT ends. If there is a gap between CPT And OPT
authorization, students must not work during this time. When a student begins employment
during their period of OPT authorization, they must report this employment to UCM within ten
days by submitting the Change of Employer form on our website and submitting a scanned copy
of the OPT employer offer letter to for review. Not reporting this employment to
UCM could result in a student's SEVIS record showing more than 90 days of unemployment and
changing from 'Active' to 'Completed' status.

Can I work for multiple employers while on 12 Month OPT?
Answer: Yes you can. However, each employer must be full-time employment (more than 20
hours per week). Per Federal Immigration regulations students on 12 Month OPT must be
employed full-time.

Question: Can I work part-time for multiple employers on OPT if I have trouble finding full-time
employment? Will having multiple part-time employers and my hours amounting to 40 hours per
week count as full-time employment?
Answer: No, you must be employed full-time. Working with one employer for 20 hours and
another for the same amount of hours to make 40 hours per week does not amount to being
employed full-time. You must work for an employer for more than 20 hours a week for it to be
considered full time employment.

24-Month OPT STEM Extension

Question: Can I continue to work while my STEM OPT application is pending?
Answer: Yes, A student who has sent their STEM OPT extension application to USCIS before
their current OPT end date, can continue working while the STEM extension application is
pending, for up to 180 days.

Question: Can I work as an unpaid intern/volunteer during OPT STEM Extension?
Answer: No, employment during OPT STEM extension must be paid.

Question: I have a new STEM OPT employer but I will be a full time volunteer for the first 30
days during my training period. After that period is up I will be a full time paid employee at the
company. Will that first 30 days count toward my unemployment since it's not paid?
Answer: If a student has an initial unpaid training period for their STEM OPT employer it can be
reported to SEVIS from that start date because they will be continuing as a full time/paid
employee with the company once the training is done so no unemployment will be accrued.