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Length of Eligibility

A Master's student may be awarded an assistantship a maximum of four semesters, excluding summers. An Education Specialist student who has had an assistantship while working on a master's degree, may have three additional semesters, for a total of seven semesters as a graduate assistant, excluding summer sessions. A student working on a second Master's degree is not eligible for any additional semesters of an assistantship.

Minimum and Maximum Enrollment

The maximum enrollment for  any student with a half-time or greater assistantship is 12 credit hours per semester and the minimum enrollment for any student with a half-time or greater assistantship is 6 credit hours.

Students who hold assistantships that are less than half-time may take a maximum of 16 hours during a regular semester. The maximum number of hours for students holding a summer appointment is 9 hours. Courses taken for undergraduate credit and for audit are included in the maximum total semester hours.

The recommended number of hours for half-time and full-time Graduate Assistants is 9 hours per regular semester. Please note that the maximum enrollment is 12 to allow for special situations in which the student needs to enroll in more than 9 hours due to requirements of the student’s degree program. The scholarship for a full-time GA covers tuition up to 10 hours per semester.

Minimum GPA

Graduate Assistants must maintain a cumulative graduate GPA of at least 3.0 in order to maintain their assistantships