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Research Funding

Graduate Student Travel Scholarship

The Graduate Education and Research Office offers graduate travel scholarships to students who present or perform original work generated at UCM. This funding provides financial assistance for students looking to showcase their work and build networking and presentation skills. GER offers funding up to $300 for state/regional events and up to $600 for national/international.


Students are encourage to apply as early as possible, for both the Fall and Spring/Summer semesters.   

We are currently accepting applications for student travel funds. Please send all completed applications to GER at


Graduate Scholarly Funding


A student’s research can go a long way with Graduate Scholarly Funds. These scholarships help to fund graduate work and elevate student’s work by providing them with access to rare materials and costly equipment. Research funding provide students the opportunity to build a reputation as committed scholars and forge the connections needed to generate more opportunities once their degrees are completed.

To apply for Graduate Scholarly Funding, complete the following instruction and worksheet.


Graduate Scholarly Fund Application Instructions

Graduate Scholarly Fund Budget Worksheet


Graduate Scholarships and Awards


The Willard North Research Award for Graduate Students is named in honor of Dr. "Will" North, who devoted many years to fostering research activities at the University. The awards, available to students in all disciplines, are supported by the Willard North Endowment Fund, which is part of the UCM Foundation. Because of Dr. North's professional involvement in teaching psychology and Counselor Education, applications from students in those disciplines are especially encouraged.


The Reid Hemphill Outstanding Graduate Student Scholarship is available through the University of Central Missouri Foundation for a student pursuing a graduate degree at UCM. This scholarship is made possible by way of gifts from Reid Hemphill and from Ralph and Miriam Hemphill Curran, Don and Nancy Hemphill and friends and colleagues in memory of Reid Hemphill after his death.


Reid Hemphill Application


UCM also offers a variety of Graduate Assistant positions on campus to qualified graduate students. Stipends and scholarships for the assistance vary according to the assignment. The work performed as graduate assistant is designed to enhance the student’s professional development and experience in their field of study.