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Graphics Technologies at UCM Testimonial
Graphics Technologies at UCM Testimonial
Graphics Technologies at UCM Testimonial
Graphics Technologies at UCM Testimonial





Modern classroom and laboratory facilities are used to provide the theoretical background and "hands-on" activities that support the management and technical content of the program. Specialized laboratories house modern equipment that help students comprehend the technologies used in computer prepress, multimedia production, image preparation, film and plate production, screen printing, flexographic printing, sheet-fed and web offset lithographic printing, gravure printing, and finishing and bindery functions. Here are some photos of just some of the equipment that we offer to our students:

Imaging lab
Our state-of-the-art Imaging lab contains twenty-one Macintosh G4's running the latest software for page layout, imposition, image manipulation, illustration and other graphic arts related processes. The lab is available for lecture, lab and is also available after-hours for out-of-class work.
Intro Lab
The intro lab is a full-featured Macintosh lab running the latest software for page layout, illustration, and photo manipulation. The intro classes use this lab for lab sections, as well as out-of-class work.
Prepress Lab
The prepress lab is a facility used mainly for input and output. Conventional proofing is contained in this lab, as well as dye-sublimation digital proofing equipment, high-end output devices including a capstan imagesetter and our newest addition, an Agfa Avantra 25 drum imagesetter. This area also houses our in-house Windows NT network, and Torrent RIP system.
Press Lab
The press lab contains equipment ranging from small sheet fed offset duplicators to a medium-format Heidelberg GTO 2-color sheet fed offset press. A two-color Didde web-fed press and letterpress converting equipment also reside here. Adjacent to the press lab (not pictured) is the flexo lab where two tag and label flexo presses provide experience in flexographic printing.


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