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Graphics Technologies at UCM Testimonial
Graphics Technologies at UCM Testimonial
Graphics Technologies at UCM Testimonial
Graphics Technologies at UCM Testimonial


UCM Graphic Technologies FAQs


Who do I contact if I have questions about the GT program?

Feel free to contact Dr. Mark L. Rankin, GT Program Coordinator, at or 660-543-4849.

Do I need to own a desktop or laptop computer to be enrolled in the Graphic Technologies (GT) program?

Although it is recommended that students have a desktop or laptop for software access outside of class, it is not mandatory. The GT program has two computer labs that provide students access to graphics software throughout the day M-F, and at least one night per week. There are also other labs available across campus with the necessary software that are open at night for student use, the most convenient being in the James C. Kirkpatrick library.

Should I buy a Mac or PC?

The Graphic Communications industry is predominantly Mac oriented.  Therefore Macs are recommended, although PC’s will work nearly equally as well. The graphics software is available for both platforms, and very little difference is now evident for the Mac vs. Pc versions of the software. Students can use either Mac or PC platform with very little chance of any compatibility conflicts today.

What software will I be using, should I purchase the software, and where should I buy it?

The GT program provides significant instruction and practice in the Adobe Creative Suite. The Adobe Design CS includes Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign, Acrobat, and Adobe Muse. It is not mandatory that students purchase this software, but it is strongly encouraged. The lowest price anywhere for Adobe software is available at the UCM College Bookstore in the Union. The bookstore typically offers special education pricing at the beginning of the semester, usually around $225 for the entire Adobe Design CS.

Is a minor required along with the GT B.S. degree?

No, a minor is not required. Different minors are available to take along with the GT degree with no additional credit hours required, including minors in Business Administration, Marketing, and Photography.

Is in-state tuition available for residents of surrounding states?

Starting in the Fall of 2014, UCM offers in-state tuition for residents of any state that border on the Missouri state line. These states include: Oklahoma, Kansas, Nebraska, Iowa, Illinois, Kentucky, Tennessee, and Arkansas.

What is the placement rate for GT graduates, and what are typical starting salaries?

Over 90% of UCM GT graduates are placed within six months of graduation, and high performing students will often have multiple job offers before they graduate. The current starting salary range is from $35,000 to $55,000 depending on experience and the type of position accepted. At present the average is about $45,000 annually.

Can the GT program be completed on-line or in KC?

While classes with a lab are normally face-to-face on the UCM campus, some of the management and the general education classes can be completed at UCM’s facility in Lee’s Summit or on-line.

Do you work with transfer students and those with military credit?

Yes. A growing number of the students currently in the GT program are transferring from a community college or another university. We also have had GT students who bring in credit from their military occupational skill (MOS) training which is evaluated on an individual basis. In order to progress through the GT program as quickly as possible, it is very important for transfer students meet with a GT faculty advisor before enrolling for classes so as many transfer credits can be applied to GT major requirements as possible. The GT faculty can advise as to what classes to take, in what order, for the quickest path to graduation.

Are there scholarships available for students pursuing a GT degree?

There are several scholarships available to high school students planning to enter the GT program, and also for students currently enrolled in the GT program. See the scholarship link on the GT website for more information:

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