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Graphics Technologies at UCM Testimonial
Graphics Technologies at UCM Testimonial
Graphics Technologies at UCM Testimonial
Graphics Technologies at UCM Testimonial

Scholarships & Financial Services

Graphics Industry Sponsored Scholarships

EDSF Scholarship Awards
Award Amounts: from $1000 to $5,000
Application Deadline: May 1 annually

Flexographic Technical Association Scholarship
Award Amount: $3,000
Application Deadline: February 15 annually

Flexographic Technical Association Rossini Scholarship
Award Amounts: $7500 or $10,000
Application Deadline February 15 annually

Gravure Education Foundation Scholarship Program
Award Amount $1,500
Application Deadline April 20 annually

PIA MidAmerica Nolan Moore Scholarship
Award Amount: $500 - $2500
Application Deadline is March 1 annually

Print and Graphics Scholarship Foundation - PGSF
Award amounts: $2,000 to $5,000
Application Deadline is April 1

Specialty Graphics Imaging Association
Award amount: $2,000
Application Dealine is April 15 annually

Tag and Label Manufacturers Institute
Award Amount: $5,000
Application Deadline March 31 annually


UCM Foundation Scholarships & Financial Services

This is a list of current student scholarships available through the UCM Foundation within the School of Technology.  The contributions to establish these scholarships have come from industry, businesses, alumni, faculty, and friends.  We are pleased to provide these opportunities for financial assistance to our students.   For further details about scholarships refer to General Regulations and Information on Scholarships or contact Dede Beneke by phone at (660) 543-4765, email at The deadline for most UCM Foundation Scholarship applications is March 1st.

Scholarship applications are available at MoCents.


For Any Major within the School of Technology

FIRST Robotics Scholarship (Incoming Freshman - STEM related)

Jacob M. Cunningham Memorial Scholarship (Including Graduate Students)

John Davis and Lettie Corneal Vogel Scholarship

Graphics Technologies

Bill & Anne Downs Scholarship (Non-Traditional Students)

Billie Jo Eldridge Scholarship (not funded every year)

Charles J Kohler Scholarship

F Earl Spangler Scholarship

Jack R. Williams Family Scholarship

James M. Brahney Graphic Art Scholarship

John T.Sarantakos Scholarship

Linda Holman Struchtemeyer Scholarship (Incoming Freshman)

Taiwan Commemorative Scholarship (Incoming Freshman)
Taiwan Commemorative Scholarship (Current Students)

College of Health, Science, and Technology Scholarships

William L. Vacek Outstanding Graduate Student Research Award

Award is for a Graduate student from the College of Health, Science, and Technology who has conducted outstanding research.

University of Central Missouri Scholarships

A variety of university level scholarships and scholarships for any major are available at the UCM's Foundation Scholarship web page. Students should contact the Scholarship Office/Student Financial Services, 660-543-4541, located in the Ward Edwards building, office 1100, for further information.
Student Financial Services


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