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Learning to a Greater Degree Award Winners

Congratulations to Colin Comer and Emily Northen, the fall 2016 recipients of the Learning to a Greater Degree Award.

Learning to a Greater Degree

Learning to a Greater Degree conveys the depth of experiences students gain at the University of Central Missouri. Here, you are part of an educational experience that extends beyond the classroom. Students' time at UCM empowers them to excel in the fast-paced world of today and tomorrow.

Learning to a Greater Degree is not a marketing campaign; it is more than that. It defines who we are and what we do at UCM. Supported by the four reasons to believe, Learning to a Greater Degree gives us a way to tell UCM's story.

Reasons to believe:

  • Engaged learning
  • Future-focused academics
  • Worldly perspective
  • Culture of service

Read more about the strategic positioning and download the quick-reference guide.


Reasons to Believe

There are lots of examples on campus of the four reasons to believe in a UCM education. If you would like to share specific examples from your area, please enter them in the form below.



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