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Habitat Ribbong Cutting

Habitat for Humanity

"A collaborative effort between UCM, Warrensburg R-VI School District and Habitat for Humanity of Johnson Co."


To engage students in service learning while creating an opportunity for students of all ages to work together and have hands-on experience. This project focuses on the development of a sense of community and creating stronger connections between the university, public school district, and the larger city and county community through its efforts to produce affordable housing for a local family. Building Community Through Education rests on the core belief that working collaboratively allows us to not only build homes, but community as well.

Words from UCM President Charles Ambrose

"This is going to engage students in service learning at both high school and college levels, while literally helping to capture the spirit of building community. Students will have an opportunity, in many cases, to apply what they've learned in the classroom to a real-life setting and attain new skills that can benefit them the rest of their lives."


Greetings from the Vice Provost of Student Experience and Engagement

Friends by Tower
Welcome to UCM and to the services and opportunities that are offered through the UCM Student Experience and Engagement.