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School of Aviation


The School of Aviation prepares students to meet the ever-growing demand for aviation professionals.

The University of Central Missouri School of Aviation has been producing highly skilled, highly capable aviation professionals and leaders who have been the industry standard for 50 years. Whether flying modern, state-of-the-art aircraft at the university-owned and operated airport or experiencing engaged learning under the guidance of faculty members who are experts in their field of aviation, you will be challenged to excel from day one.

Skyhaven Airport

Start Your Aviation Journey

In the UCM School of Aviation, dreams take flight. Whether your career goal is to be a Professional Pilot, a leader in Aviation Management, or you want to obtain a Master of Science degree in Aviation Safety, your journey starts here.


Scholarships for Aviation Students

Aviation students should be advised that flight costs are not included in tuition or fees. They are determined on an hourly basis for aircraft and flight instruction, and are in addition to tuition, fees and any other incidental expenses that are normally charged for enrollment. Flight costs can cost about $55,000 during a four-year undergraduate program.

At UCM, we recognize the importance of keeping your education affordable. There are a number of campus-wide scholarships, as well as awards and scholarships for students in the School of Aviation. Flight costs can be intimidating, but there are opportunities to help finance your education.

UCM Alumni Foundation Scholarships

UCM Alumni Foundation offers numerous scholarships for UCM students. Generally, these scholarship applications are due March 1 of every year unless otherwise specified. Incoming freshmen can also apply for these scholarships.

School of Aviation Scholarships

  • Future Freshmen Scholarships
  • Transfer Student Scholarships
  • Current Student Scholarships
  • Graduate Student Scholarships

Aviation Organizational Scholarships

Many aviation organizations offer great scholarships for students. There are flight scholarships, academic scholarships, tuition assistance and more.


Scholarship Name


Aviation Graduate

Air Traffic Controllers Association


Category C

Full-Time Employee Student Scholarship


Aviation Undergraduate

Air Traffic Controllers Association


Category B


Lawrence C. Fortier Memorial Scholarship


All Undergraduate

Air Traffic Controllers Association


Category D

Buckingham Memorial Scholarship


Professional Pilot

Captain Jason Dahl Scholarship


All Undergraduate

NERA/USAA Scholarship 


Aviation Management


Regional Airline Association Scholarship

Only two applications from each university. Applications must be submitted to the School of Aviation for review. The department determines the top two and then submits those two applications.

All Aviation

The Bob Stuart Memorial Scholarship Fund 


Professional Pilot & Flight Operations Management

AVTRIP Aviation Scholarship


All Aviation

NBAA-Schedulers & Dispatchers Monetary Scholarship




Maintenance 2+2

AEA Educational Foundation Scholarship Program


Airport Management

KAA Airport Scholarship


Professional Pilot & Flight Operations Management

Girls With Wings Scholarships


Professional Pilot

Whirly-Girl Scholarships


All Aviation

The Amelia Earhart Memorial Scholarships & Awards


Professional Pilot & Flight Operations Management

AOPA Flight Training Scholarship


All Aviation

EAA - Harrison Ford Flight Training Scholarship


All Aviation

EAA - Gathering of Eagles Flight Training Scholarships


All Aviation

EAA - Karen Johnson Solo Scholarship


All Aviation

Women in Aviation International Scholarships


All Aviation

UAA Administered or Affiliated Organizations Scholarships


All Aviation

UAA Scholarships


All Aviation

Wisconsin Aviation Hall of Fame Scholarships

Wisconsin residency of at least five years prior to enrolling in current program

All Aviation

Flying Tigers Association Scholarship in dedication of the American Volunteer Group

Successful students will be notified by the end of May



 Click here to view the report of annual student performance data as required by the Aviation Accreditation Board International (AABI).


The Mission of UCM Aviation

The mission of the School of Aviation is to provide a competitive advantage to our partners in the aerospace industry, using highly experienced faculty and staff dedicated to educating, developing, motivating, and nurturing future professionals and industry leaders using exciting programs, state of the art facilities, and industry‐relevant research, while embracing best safety practices.






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