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Studying Economics at UCM

If you're looking for a major that provides you with the largest number of future career options, you can't do much better than economics. Economics is the study of human behavior. A lot of human behavior takes place in a business context, which makes it a great business discipline. However, most behavior takes place outside of a business context. This is what makes economics such a versatile aren't just learning about're learning how the world around you works.

The world is changing rapidly. Economics majors are better able to adapt to a changing world because they have great problem solving and critical thinking skills. A study by LinkedIn found that young people tend to change jobs more often than their parents did...about four times in the first decade out of college. Economics majors are well-suited for the ever-evolving job market. 


Are You a Transfer Student? You'll Graduate Faster With an Economics Degree

The economics major has more free electives than any other business major. This means that more of your classes will transfer and you'll graduate faster


Economics Majors Earn More Than Any Other Business Major

Economics ranks as the highest earning business major and is consistently at the top of all majors. 

Earnings of all business majors



The Economics Club

Get involved in your major outside of the classroom by joining the Economics Club. The club has a variety of activities that involve faculty and students. The club hosts an Economics Department social every semester, takes trips to the Federal Reserve Bank in Kansas City and hosts bowing and game night.


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Dr. Chris Azevedo
Professor of Economics and Economics Dept. Coordinator
Dockery 307-C
Tel: (660)543-4219

Economics Faculty


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