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Dr. Jennifer Carson

Professor of Criminal Justice & Criminology

Dr. Carson teaches Introduction to Criminal Justice Research & Statistics, Terrorism, Homeland Security, and serves as the UCM Undergraduate Research Coordinator

  • Research interests include terrorism and comparative criminology
  • Frequently mentors graduate student thesis research on topics such as global jihadist movement, bystander intervention, and radicalization case studies
  • Dr. Carson earned degrees from:

University of Maryland, College Park (2010) Ph.D. in Criminology & Criminal Justice

University of Maryland, College Park (2006) MA in Criminology & Criminal Justice

University of Minnesota (2002) BS in Child Psychology

Publications include:

Carson, J. & Politte, H. (2020). Implicit bias within public reporting: A virtual reality experiment using "suspicious" activity. Crime and Delinquency

Carson, J.V., James, P., & O’Neal, T. (2019). The radicalization of the Kanes: Family as a primary group influence? Dynamics of Asymmetrical Conflict, 12(1), pp. 67-89.

Kotlaja, M. & Carson, J.V. (2018). Cannabis prevalence and national drug policy in 27 countries: An analysis of adolescent substance use. International Journal of Offender Therapy and Comparative Criminology, Online first.

Carson, J.V. (2018). Assessing the nuances of counterterrorism programs: A country-level investigation of targeted killings.  Crime and Delinquency, Online first.

Carson, J.V. & Wellman, A. (2017). Problem oriented policing in suburban public housing: A quasi-experiment.  Police Quarterly, Online first.

Carson, J.V. & Suppenbach, M. (2017). The global jihadist movement: The most lethal ideology?  Homicide Studies, Online first.

Carson, J. V. (2017). Assessing the effectiveness of high‐profile targeted killings in the “war on terror.” Criminology & Public Policy, 16 (1), 191-220.

Carson, J.V. & Suppenbach, M. (2016). Lone wolf terrorism: The new form of al-Qa'ida? Journal of the Middle East and Africa, 7 (4), 441.453.

Carson, J.V., Chenault, S., Matusiak, R. (2016). Reintegrating to the prison community: An investigation into the Impact of Victims on Crime Classes. The Prison Journal, 96 (4), 623-644.


Jennifer Carson
Associate Professor
HUM 301 - B
Tel: (660) 543-4952


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