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Dr. Melissa Petkovsek

Assistant Professor of Criminal Justice & Criminology

Dr. Petkovsek teaches Introduction to Criminal Justice Research & Statistics, Criminology, SP: Violent Offending, Graduate Methods of CJ Research and Graduate Statistics

  • Research interests include biosocial criminology, in which she examines antisocial and violent behavior through the intersection of genetics and environmental factors
  • She frequently mentors graduate student thesis research on topics such as the theoretical explanation for texting and driving and a test of Black's theory of law 
  • Dr. Petkovsek holds degrees from:

Sam Houston State University (2014) Ph.D. in Criminal Justice

Tiffin University (2010) MS in Criminal Justice & Forensic Psychology

The College of Wooster (2008) BA in Psychology

Publications include:

Boutwell, B.B., Meldrum, R.C., & Petkovsek, M.A. (2017). General intelligence in friendship selection: A study of preadolescent best friend dyads. Intelligence, 64, 30-35.

Schaefer, B.P. & Petkovsek, M. A. (2017). Adolescent use of opioids and stimulants: Testing the influence of peers, self-control, and sports participation. Criminal Justice Studies, 30 (4), 365-380.

Boutwell, B.B., Connolly, C., Barbaro, N., Shackelford, T.,  Petkovsek, M.A., & Beaver, K. (2017). On the genetic and environmental reasons why intelligence correlates with criminal victimization. Intelligence, 62, 155-166.

Meldrum, R.C., Petkovsek, M.A., Boutwell, B.B., & Young, J.T. (2017). Reassessing the relationship between general intelligence and self-control in childhood. Intelligence, 60, 1-9.


Melissa Petkovsek
Assistant Professor
HUM 301 C - 1
Tel: (660) 543-04270


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