Dr. Dianna Bryant

Associate Professor

Dr. Bryant teaches Emergency Response Planning, Disaster Management Technology, Research in Crisis & Disaster Management, Integrated Emergency Management, and serves as the Director of the Institute for Rural Emergency Management

  • Research interests include environmental lead contamination, "take-home" toxins, environmental justice, and emergency responder safety
  • Serves as a faculty advisor for Phi Kappa Phi Honor Society and the International Emergency Management Student Association (IEMSA)
  • Certified Industrial Hygenist (CIH), Certified Safety Professional (CSP)
  • Extensive professional experience as a Public Health Specialist for the Kansas City, Missouri Department of Health,  consultant for the Missouri State Emergency Management Agency and Department of Homeland Security on topics such as hazardous materials flow, traffic flow, and community emergency preparedness, and participant in numerous exercises ranging from mass care incidents to building collapse
  • Dr. Bryant earned degrees from:

University of Missouri at Columbia (2017) Ph.D. in Rural Sociology & Community Development

Central Missouri State University (now UCM) (1986) MS in Industrial Hygiene

Central Missouri State University (now UCM) (1985) BS in Biology with a Chemistry Minor

Publications include:

Bryant, D.H. (2007, January/February) Safety Q & A 2: Can you experience long term health problems from exposure to Carbon Monoxide (CO) at low levels? Safety Q & A 3: Why should I avoid noise when I am going to lose my hearing when I get old anyway? FFAM Newsletter, 50, 7.

Bryant, D.H. (2006, September/October) Safety Q & A 1: What chemical is responsible for the most deaths each year? FFAM Newsletter, 50, 5.

Bryant, D.H. (2005, March) Supporting students. The Synergist, 16 (3), 30-31.

Hartle, J.A., & Bryant, D.H. (2001, October). Global awareness for EM students. IAEM Bulletin, 18 (10), 13-14.

Bryant, D. H., & Hartle, J. A. (2000, March/April). Distance learning and occupational safety and health curriculum. Chemical Health & Safety, 7 (2), 34-36.

Bryant, D. L. (1994, January). Risk assessment and in-place management plan for lead-based paint in public housing. Kansas City: Kansas City Missouri Housing Authority.


Dianna Bryant
Associate Professor
HUM 201 D
Tel: (660) 543-4971


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