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Last reviewed: 11/1/2006

Document Summary...
Central Missouri does not support the use of Front Page Components such as web-bots for sending e-mails via web forms. This document contains information on setting up a FrontPage form to send e-mail.

Converting a FrontPage Form

1. Open the form in FrontPage Editor.

2. Right-click in the area of the form, and select Form Properties.

3. Click the option button to Send to other in the "Form Properties" box.

4. Select Custom, ISAPI, NSAPI, CGI, or ASP Script in the drop-down list next to "Send to other" selection.

5. Click the Options button.

6. Type in the "Action" text box. Select POST in the "Method" drop-down list.

7. Click OK for the "Options for Custom Form Handler" box.

8. You'll need to add two hidden fields within the form. Follow the procedures below:

9. Click OK for the "Form Properties" window.

10. Make sure the names of your form fields are named correctly. Use only alphanumeric characters - letters and numbers. Dashes, spaces, commas, and other such nonalphanumberic characters will not work.

11. Save your work.

12. Test the web form. View the form on webedit through the browser, complete the form fields and send the form. The form should be sent to the e-mail address that you specified in the hidden "To" input field. If it doesn't work, go back through these instructions to be sure you followed each step correctly.

If you have trouble getting the form to work, or if you don't feel comfortable with any process during the conversion of the form, contact web services for help.