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Last reviewed: 11/1/2006

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The following instructions describe how to make your web form send e-mail and are specifically for Dreamweaver, however items marked with ** will apply to all editing programs.

How to Make Your Form Send E-mail

  1. Open the page in Dreamweaver and select the form. (the form is selected when it is all highlighted and the Form Properties box appears)

  2. **Enter the following information for the form action:

  3. **For Method, select "Post"

  4. Select Insert, Form Objects from the toolbar.

  5. **Add a hidden field with the name "To"

  6. **For its value, type the e-mail address of the person to whom you want to send the form.

  7. Select Insert, Form Objects again from the toolbar.

  8. **Add a hidden field with the name "Subject"

  9. **For its value, type in the subject of the e-mail you want to send.

  10. **Make sure the names of your form fields are named correctly. Use only alphanumeric characters - letters and numbers. Dashes, spaces, commas, and other such nonalphanumberic characters will not work.

  11. **Test the web form. View the form on webedit through the browser, complete the form fields and send the form. The form should be sent to the e-mail address that you specified in the hidden "To" input field. If it doesn't work, go back through these instructions to be sure you followed each step correctly.

If you have trouble getting the form to work, or if you don't feel comfortable with any process during the conversion of the form, contact web services for help.