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What is the TLI?

The College of Education has embarked on an exciting venture called the Transformational Learning Initiative in the fall of 2014. The objective is to dynamically alter the teaching-learning environment, making it more exciting, powerful and enjoyable for both faculty and students using mobile technology (tablets) in a one-to-one environment.

This Initiative will be key in keeping our educational processes current with the technology driven culture of today’s UCM students. While our students are very comfortable using a variety of technologies, our instructors need to be challenging them to use technology to engage, problem-solve, collaborate and communicate. These 21st Century Skills are essential to graduates entering the workforce.

To help instructors visualize how to use technology at a higher level, the TLI will use the SAMR model. SAMR is a four-stage model for looking at and understanding one’s use of educational technology. The levels of technology integration are defined as the lower levels of Substitution and Augmentation, with the upper levels being Modification and Redefinition. The more students utilize technology for tasks of modification and redefinition, the more practical and authentic their university experience becomes to their future.

The Transformational Learning Initiative relies on instructors across curriculums to recognize that technology-infused classroom experiences in the higher SAMR levels of modification and redefinition will enrich content and learning processes.


The TLI in Action

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Introduction to the Transformational Learning Initiative

The TLI is sponsored by the UCM's College of Education with the purpose of transforming learning into a more enriching and meaningful experience for students. The TLI challenges faculty to integrate engaging educational technology and supports them though ongoing professional development. Professional development opportunities for all UCM faculty range from 4-day intense iPad training to biweekly faculty-led workshops to small 1-1 coaching session.

Transformational Learning Initiative Introduction Video

iMovie Trailer

In this very engaging example, Early Childhood Education students created iTrailers featuring one of the four strands of the next generation science standards. They then used the trailer to teach their peers about the major concepts in the chosen strands, after which their classmates tried to guess what strand they were presenting. The class then participated in an interactive activity to learn more about the strand.

Transformational Learning Initiative iMovie Trailer Video

Wireless Camera Tethering

Wireless Camera tethering allows a shift from passive to active learning as students view real-time changes in technical aspects of photography. The image is projected onto a larger screen and provides an interactive learning experience by allowing students to change photographic factors and immediately see results. Wireless tethering also prepares students for the future, as it is used by professional photographers both in and out of the studio setting.

Transformational Learning Intiative Wireless Camera Tethering Video

QR Codes

QR codes are a flexible tool that can be used across many disciplines. In this example, this instructor creates QR codes that are used to engage students while they learn the definitions of different data-collection methods. Students use smartphones and tablets to scan codes and then collaborate with their classmates to match the online definition with the data collection methods they were introduced to in narrated lectures and class readings.

Transformational Learning Intiative QR Code Video


Questions about the TLI?

Please contact Chalice Jeffries,, (660) 543 - 4150