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Mentoring, Advocacy and Peer Support

Mentoring, Advocacy
and Peer Support
• IDEAS Coordinator
• LGBTQIA Outreach
• Title IX Advocacy
• Tutoring

<Landlords and Property Managers>

Landlords and Property Managers

Building relationships with our community


The MAPS office works with local landlords and property managers on a variety of initiatives:


  • Good Neighbors: a training for students planning to move off campus to prepare them to be first-time renters
  • Out Safe/Home Safe: a free, voluntary training and recognition program for landlords, property managers, and liquor license holders promoting safe public spaces (in partnership with the office of Violence and Substance Abuse Prevention)
  • Coffee with the President: brief updates with President Ambrose on student enrollment and other issues related to off-campus housing, typically held once in both the Fall and Spring semesters



For more information contact Suzy Latare, MAPS Coordinator, at 660-543-8947 or