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Phone: 660-543-4156
24-Hour Victim Advocacy Hotline

Victim Advocacy

If you have experienced discrimination, harassment, sexual violence, sexual harassment, intimate partner violence, or stalking, there is help!


Discrimination or Harassment

The MAPS office will provide support to any student who has experienced discrimination or harassment at any University-sponsored program or event, including in a classroom.


Sexual Violence, Sexual Harassment, Intimate Partner Violence, Stalking

24-Hour Victim Advocacy Hotline: 660-441-4855

The MAPS Victim Advocates support survivors of sexual violence by providing crisis intervention services, referrals, advocacy, and confidential reporting in a centralized location. Here, survivors or their loved ones can receive information, validation, explore options, reduce the stigma of victimization, and recognize the right to self-determination.


Title IX Information


How a Victim Advocate Can Help

Reviewing your options
Many times if someone is victim of a crime, they are confused about their options for reporting the crime, as well as what the pros and cons of reporting may be. Our advocate can discuss these options, and assist you in making a decision that is best for you.


Assistance in reporting a crime
If you want to report a crime to law enforcement, whether on campus or off campus, the advocate can accompany you during that process.


Assistance in reporting to Student Experience and Engagement
If the perpetrator is a part of the university community - you have the right to feel safe on campus, and harming another student is strictly against University Policy. There are procedures that we can assist with through the Office of Student Experience and Engagement to ensure your safety.

Academic intervention
If you need academic intervention, we may be able to facilitate that so that you will experience minimal loss in academic achievement.

Assistance in obtaining counseling
After an assault, counseling is often a good idea. Our advocate can refer you for services, and even accompany you to your first session if you would like.

Assistance in obtaining medical care
Even if you do not report the crime to law enforcement, we can assist in obtaining medical care for your health and well-being.

Referrals and resource management
This Survivor Guide provides information on what is sexual assualt, common reactions of survivors, where to get help, medical care, making a report, the legal system, how to help a loved one, and crisis resources.