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Alexandra Supron is a photographer from Belarus, who tries to catch the most dynamic and impressive moments during metal shows. The International Society for Metal Music Studies is grateful for her collaboration. Please visit her website if you wish to learn more about her work or to purchase a print.t.


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[Note: Also listed under book title: Grave Digger. Deluxe Edition.]

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[Note: This item contains an article on NSBM. “Rechts-Rock” is a term for various musical genres in Germany that promote racist views and far-right ideologogies ('rechts' usually means extremely right wing). It is extremely difficult to translate since the term is defined in different ways. Within the German metal scene, Rechts-Rock is defined as rock music with this ideology (to be distinguished from NSBM); within the general public, it means any kind of music (including metal) that deals with the ideology of the far right extremists.]

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[Note: This online-only book is available from the publisher in print on demand:]

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[Note: this book was also published with variant titles by various publishers:
2009: Metallica: the Stories Behind the Biggest Songs.
2004: Metallica: Hit the Lights- die Story zu ihren Grössten Songs.
2003: Metallica: Hit the Lights / Publisher: Edel Records.]

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