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Alexandra Supron is a photographer from Belarus, who tries to catch the most dynamic and impressive moments during metal shows. The International Society for Metal Music Studies is grateful for her collaboration. Please visit her website if you wish to learn more about her work or to purchase a print.t.


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[Note:Cover suggests “Reading Level: Ages 10 and Up.”]

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[Note: This item contains two previously separate books ("JGTHM" and "Pain Killers") published together with added content; humorous works on Heavy Metal]

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[Note: Freely available online].

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[Note: eBook is available from the publisher via print on demand].

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[Note: This is the final report of Cultural research no 124/09 - Artistic and Historical Heritage Foundation. “Mangue” is manguebeat, a mix of rock and local music created in the city of Recife in the 1990’s. This report was accomplished by three PhDs of the Federal University of Pernambuco (UFPE) and a music critic. There is a documentary resulting from the project.]

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[Note: Topics include Nirvana, Queens of the Stone Age]

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[Note: J.B.O. (James Blast Orchester) is a heavy metal band from Erlangen, Germany (founded in 1989). Their career started with parodies of rock and pop songs.]

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[Note: Conference proceedings].

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[Note: Sold by Amazon Digital Services for the Kindle eReader.]

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[Note: Sold by Amazon Digital Services for the Kindle eReader.]

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[No Author listed]. (2012)
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[Note: “The title says (literal translation) ‘Music Life (sub) saw LA Metal.’ The full description says it is a reprint edition. Is "Music" Life" a title?  It is one of those Japanese words of English origin.  If so I would probably translate the title as  ‘L.A. Metal as seen by Music Life’ (reprint).The book seems be a reprint of articles on major heavy metal groups that were popular in the 1980’s .   I don’t know if it had been published earlier as a book or not.  No date anyway.” Harold Wright]

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