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Alexandra Supron is a photographer from Belarus, who tries to catch the most dynamic and impressive moments during metal shows. The International Society for Metal Music Studies is grateful for her collaboration. Please visit her website if you wish to learn more about her work or to purchase a print.t.


The Metal Studies Bibliography became an official publication of the International Society for Metal Music Studies (see our Facebook page) in 2010. We welcome review of the planning documents for ISMMS and your feedback.

It serves to:
1. facilitate research and scholarly communication on heavy metal music and culture; and
2. document related publications, presentations, and other events for the historical record. “Heavy music” would be a more accurate term as the bibliography includes items on Hardcore Punk, Riot Grrrl, Darkwave, Noise, etc.

* Please note that the current online version of the bibliography does not include all of the citations that the editor has identified or received. Updates to the site will be made every April, August, and December. Please feel free to suggest any citations that you do not see listed and any corrections.

The first Metal Studies: a bibliography (Études Metal: une bibliographie) was edited by Fabien Hein and Keith Kahn-Harris and appeared in a special issue of VOLUME! La Revue des Musiques Populaires/The French Journal of Popular Music Studies: Volume 5 (issue 2), 2006: Les Scènes metal, pages 19-30.
Keith Kahn-Harris continued to update and edit the bibliography through March of 2009. Sebastian Berndt of Erfurt, Germany, supplied many of the German-language citations. The list consisted of articles, books, chapters, and other papers.
Brian Hickam, who had met Keith in November 2008 at the first Heavy Fundametalisms: Music, Metal and Politics (an annual conference sponsored by Inter-Disciplinary.Net: a Global Network for Dynamic Research and Publishing, and had been sending him citations, was asked to take over the project. Brian has expanded the scope of the bibliography to include all media, such as documentary films, and to include all works (i.e., scholarly and non-scholarly). This version of the bibliography was first published online in October 2012.

The bibliography consists of citations for journal articles, books, book chapters, dissertations/ theses, documentary films, art museum and gallery exhibitions, scholarly conferences and symposia, other papers, encyclopedias/ dictionaries/ handbooks, and Hollywood films and Broadway productions. Some sections are forthcoming. Any item that references heavy music, no matter how small, is a candidate for inclusion. Heavy metal studies is an inter-disciplinary field and decisions are made on a case by case basis. There is no desire to index the articles in heavy metal magazines, fanzines, blogs, or similar publications. The occasional feature story on heavy music in major newspapers and magazines (e.g,. The New York Times, Die Zeit, The Guardian, The Atlantic Monthly) is desired.

Metal Studies is a product of volunteers. No one person could create or maintain an exhaustive bibliography that includes all languages and regions. Several people have contributed citations, translations, and suggestions. A list to acknowledge these contributors is forthcoming. If you wish to get involved, please contact the editor.

Future Plans
Four primary goals for the bibliography are:
1. to involve others in annotating and evaluating the many items, noting which ones are scholarly;
2. to expand the listings for non-English language publications, presentations, and events;
3. to make the searching of the website more dynamic; and
4. to link the bibliography to a directory of heavy metal scholars, which includes brief biographies and contact information.

Brian Hickam, editor of the Metal Studies Bibliography: