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MIC Facility

The Missouri Innovation Campus - MIC - University of Central Missouri

Innovative Learning Environment


The Missouri Innovation Campus is a new state-of -the-art learning facility. Each classroom has been designed so that both the furniture and technology can provide a flexible learning environment.  The classrooms at the MIC Facility have been designed to promote a team based learning environment.






The classroom technology in the MIC Facility is quite a bit different than the traditional classroom.  The instructor's station in a traditional classroom is located at the front of the room. The computer, documentt camera, and other devices are located at that podium.  The instructor is then tethered to the station and is forced to predominantly teach from this location.


The classrooms in the MIC facility was designed to remove this obstacle.  There still will be a an instructor's station in the classroom, but it is 100% mobile.  The instructor will be able to freely move throughout the classroom and conduct their lesson from any location in the classroom.  This is made possible by the classroom's display technology.  The instructor will be able to wirelessly connect to the projector mounted in the ceiling using a new piece of equipment called the Krammer Via Connect Pro.  This device is located above the ceiling.  This device uses the wireless network to connect the projector to the instructor's device of choice.  The Krammer Via supports Windows, Macintosh, IOS, and Android operating systems. 




BYOD Facility


BYOD stands for "bring your own device".  The MIC building does not have computer labs or instructor stations in the classrooms. Students and faculty members will need to bring their computing device of their choice to the the new building.  This device can be any combination of a laptop, tablet, or cell phone. 


The new facility was designed as BYOD for several reasons. The MIC Facility houses two primary stakeholders: the University of Central Missouri and the Lee's Summit R-7 School District.  The MIC facility has been designed to bring both organizations together in a blended environment. The classrooms and open spaces need to be able to support students, faculty, and staff from both organizations with little to no turnover time.  Using wireless technology we are able to accomplish that goal. 


UCMLS offers many different classes that span several different degree programs.  Each degree program has a certain set of software requirements that can conflict with other program's requirements.  In the BYOD model each instructor and student will be able to bring all of the software they need with them.  There will never be a situation where a piece of software is not installed in the classroom. Each person will be bringing their preferred device. A device they already are very comfortable with.





Learning Type B Spaces


The new MIC Facility will have two very unique learning areas.  They have been dubbed the "Learning Type B" spaces.  This classroom type is the next advancement in interdisciplinary and team based learning environments.  These spaces have deemphasized the traditional lecture based learning format.  The Learning Type B classroom have been design for short class gatherings and prolonged group based activity.  These spaces are an open learning environment with multiple gathering areas.  This format allows for multiple classes to utilize the same space at the same time.  Two unique classes can use the space side by side, and when the right moment comes both classes can combine to collaborate on a common goal or project. Each student can share their skill set with students from other programs.